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PG Music News
How to: Copy Chords and Song Info from Band-in-a-Box® to a Document

Did you know that you can copy the chords and other details of your Band-in-a-Box song into a document? We show you how in this video: How to Copy Chords and Song Info from Band-in-a-Box® to a Document

Learn more about this feature: Online Manual - Copy/Paste Chords as Simple Text

How to: Post Formatting and Responding to Posts on Our Forum

Continuing our discussion about our Forums - make sure to check out this video if you're unfamiliar with how to respond to posts and add some formatting to liven it up a bit!

PG Music Inc.: Post Formatting and Responding to Posts on Our Forum

How to: Log In and Post On PG Music Inc. Forums

If you haven't created an account and joined our Forums yet, what are you waiting for? The PG Music Inc. Forum is full of program users that would love to discuss Band-in-a-Box and other music related topics with you!

See how to access our forums and create a post with our video, PG Music Inc.: Forum Account Login and How to Post.

How to: Using Playable RealTracks in the Notation Window of Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows

With the release of Band-in-a-Box 2022, we added Playable RealTracks! These allows you to add MIDI notes to the same RealTrack that is playing, either at the same time, or alternating back and forth. This means you can get the RealTracks to play the notes you want at key parts of the performance, either augmenting or replacing what the RealTracks is playing, for the section you want to change.

See how to use and edit these in the Notation Window with our video, Using Playable RealTracks in the Notation Window of Band-in-a-Box®

Fun with Band-in-a-Box® - A Reunion Event: "Life Is Hard"

Getting together and playing music and writing songs is a wonderful way to spend some free time!

Recently, a few of our Forum members did just that... and they made a video to prove it!

Check out what Charlie Fogle, Eddie, Herb, Pat Marr, David Snyder got up to - and how they did it: Fun with Band-in-a-Box® - A Reunion Event: "Life Is Hard"

...hopefully it inspires you to keep the fun in making music!

How to: Replace a RealTrack with a MIDI Track in Band-in-a-Box®

Starting with a RealStyle in Band-in-a-Box®, and want to make one of your tracks a MIDI track? See how this is done using the MIDI Track Picker dialog with our video How to Replace a RealTrack with a MIDI Track in Band-in-a-Box®.

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Band-in-a-Box® Tuba RealTracks

Today (May 6) is International Tuba Day!

Celebrate your love for the Tuba today - add one of our Tuba RealTracks (available in Sets 143, 162, and 248) played by either Brad Muirhead or Philip Santner.

Already have a Band-in-a-Box® song with a Tuba? Share it here!

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