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Jump to new posts Re: Never Be Apart by Jim @ 10 minutes 15 seconds ago

You have a great mellow intimate sounding voice... I enjoyed hearing you sing this song.
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Jump to new posts Re: TORREY BLISS ROCKS AGAIN - The Last Man In Europe by Crossroads @ 11 minutes 55 seconds ago

Hi guys, in my last post I wrote that due to unpleasant reasons I don't have the time and peace to follow the forum for a while. But I don't want to miss all that great stuff, so I started to at least dash through the posts yesterday and songs and I'm glad I did. But dashed? Just until I read this post and listened to that great collab. Man, I am impressed - this is something very special. Congrats on those really awesome lyrics and well, as long as Torrey is involved top notch music is guaran
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Jump to new posts Re: Mine the Mind by Tangmo @ 12 minutes 34 seconds ago

Thanks again, all. There is traction, so I'm feeling good. And I hope Torrey can forgive me for pouncing on his post to make my naked plea. A single emoticon at the end of all that doesn't really convey just hard hard I was pulling legs. I'm still half serious, though.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cabin Fever Dreams by Jim @ 20 minutes 19 seconds ago

A very creative set of lyrics filled with unique images... I like them a lot... I also liked the treatment you gave your vocals... You certainly can write, mix, produce, & deliver a creative song that screams... You are listening to an original by Misha!
Jump to new posts Re: From bad to worse by MountainSide @ 28 minutes 2 seconds ago

Graham, hoping for a quick recovery and praying that you get back to all that you love. Jeff
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Jump to new posts Re: Coloring Outside The Lines by floyd jane @ Today at 07:13 AM

Originally Posted By: olemonSo good. A tribute to the free spirit. This love song has universal appeal, which is a feat in itself. Add in your vocal performance and that of the Janettes (Janice!) and the production - that's some mighty fine RT's mixing and editing by the way - and you've got another winner on your hands. Take care. Scott - thanks so much for that fine review... good to see you back around... Originally Posted By: Rob4580Hi Floyd. You never fail to surprise. Another gre
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Jump to new posts Re: Knife's Edge by Tommyc @ Today at 07:08 AM

Thanks Stefan!
Jump to new posts Re: MP3 Codec by rharv @ Today at 06:59 AM

Yeah, I remember. Wonder if the whole Run as Administrator (step 2) was the issue .. Or maybe it's that I'm running W7 Professional (?) Not sure what else it may be.
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Jump to new posts Re: Surface Go vs Surface Pro by Rustyspoon# @ Today at 06:40 AM

I am speaking from own experience as I had Surface pro and Thinkpad Yoga. (Thinkpad is the key) Other "consumer" grade yogas are not built this way. Advantages of Yoga: More ports. Integrated keyboard, that flips 360 degrees to make it as a tablet. Keyboard also acts as a stand, a pretty sturdy one too. User replaceable parts (hard drive) (Surface is extremely hard to take apart). Parts are abundant and not expensive. Feels like a solid computer, not just a tablet. Light, portable. Me
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Jump to new posts Re: RB - advantages of Resolution settings by rharv @ Today at 06:13 AM

The only downside is that it makes the math a little more complicated for some things (like working with delay units that use milliseconds or working in odd times), which is why I created this handy 'music calculator' - /if you find it useful and there are more features you'd like added, just let me know!
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Jump to new posts Re: Stranger in my House by Birchwood @ Today at 04:29 AM

Thanks Deryk, Jim, John, Janice and Bud, Will, Ember, Misha, Noel, Torrey and Joe for your very nice replies. They really made my day. There was a big smile on my face after reading your remarks. Ember, it was such relief to read you were not thinking of me as an unwanted stranger... It was my son who thought it was a bit sad that Jim recognized the text personally. I told him that is what life experience does to us. And it makes you that nice person you must be, Jim :-) And Noel, have I to
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Jump to new posts Re: capo transpose by jcland @ Today at 04:25 AM

On the full menu page of BIAB, find Chord Display and open it up. There you will find Guitar Capo (Visual Transpose) and other goodies.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cherche Tuto sur Importer audio avec Wizard by Daniel Donval @ Today at 03:12 AM

Bonjour Hubert, Peux tu me faire parvenir un mp3 d'un des morceaux que tu voudrais échantillonner ? On va ainsi travailler sur le même matériau ... Daniel
Forum des Utilisateurs Français de Band-in-a-Box
Jump to new posts Re: Encore moi le débutant by Daniel Donval @ Today at 03:05 AM

Bonjour, "Abondance de biens ne nuit pas " ... mais sache qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'acheter un (trop) grand nombre de styles qui s'avèreront t'être sans grande utilité par la suite ... Ne casse pas ta bourse inutilement, et n'investis que dans les RealTracks dont le genre correspond à la musique que tu aimes. Enjoy! Daniel
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Jump to new posts demo songs by Jan van Duren @ Today at 02:39 AM

good morning, what, for me, still remains annoying is that when you want to hear a demo song the message appears regularly that, for example, the right bass part is not present. Am I doing something wrong or is it the demos? Also when choosing a style you see in the list that a certain style is not present. What sense does it make to show this? You can adjust the view so that you no longer see this. To date I have not been able to find how that could be. love to hear from you.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bob's Waltz by Buja @ Yesterday at 09:14 PM

Enjoyed your Waltz, Bob! Though you are a accomplished bass player yourself, from the age of 5 you used the BIAB bass player. That says a lot about the quality of the Real Tracks. And this composition says a lot about your musicianship!
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Jump to new posts Re: Love Will Win (2019) - re-mix by Leeky @ Yesterday at 08:59 PM

Hi Graham. Wow. What a compliment. If you'd really like to play my song on your radio show, contact me via and I'll email you an mp3. Thank you! Lorne
Jump to new posts Re: Experiences with ScanScore anyone? by jford @ Yesterday at 07:29 PM

I got it installed, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. Will try tomorrow.
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Jump to new posts Re: ♪ The Best Gift Of All (Mama, Thank You) by MarioD @ Yesterday at 06:29 PM

Noel, IMHO this is your best to date. Your backing tracks are perfect! Your vocals are excellent, as usual, but your lyrics took it over the top for me. Your mix is also perfect!
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Jump to new posts Re: LOVE EVERYONE by MarioD @ Yesterday at 06:23 PM

This is about as Beatlesque as one can get. Paul and John singing with George's lead is what I though of right from the git go. Torry you did an outstanding job in doing this while keeping it Torreyesque! Plus your backing tracks, lyrics, vocals and mix were perfect. You should be very proud of this one.
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Jump to new posts Re: Wildflowers In Springtime (A Tom Adams Production) by MarioD @ Yesterday at 06:17 PM

I'm late in listening to this top notch performance so besides quoting Floyd (I couldn't say this any better) all I can add is WOW this is freaking awesome! Originally Posted By: floyd jane"Life moves so fast it passes us by Lessons that we should have learned Makes us forget that we haven’t yet Gone back to the way that we were" WOW songwriting right there. A beautiful lyric throughout. A beautiful melody - classic sounding. Everything about the production is gorgeous. The clarit
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Jump to new posts Re: Fight Like A Girl by MarioD @ Yesterday at 06:09 PM

I'm late in listening and everything that I wanted to say already has been said. I totally agree with the following: Originally Posted By: David SnyderBob, This is brilliant. I wish I had written it. Totally jealous. It gave me goose bumps. It is one of my favorite songs now, ranking right up there with the best of Lou Reed, Bowie, or Dylan. It needs to be the theme song to a major motion picture. A masterpiece. I think this is your best to date.
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An excellent cross between country and folk. Excellent vocals and lyrics. The fiddle lead was a perfect touch! Great job on this one!
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Jump to new posts Re: lessons learned from a lick by Jim @ Yesterday at 02:30 PM

Another good one... Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: Border Town Blues by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 02:10 PM

"I try to shake the dust out of my clothes I bought trouble that no one knows All I’m reading these days is bad news Past the point of being broke And I just ran out of smokes Alone in San Antone With the border town blues" I still wanna be able to write like that when I grow up... That mando in with the TexMex accordion is a nice touch and really works well. And the rest of the backing instruments are not only well selected but ALL work together. Love those RT genre mashups.
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