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Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Unable to change fonts [Resolved] by ZeroZero @ 8 minutes 24 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: AudioTrackOriginally Posted By: ZeroZeroDoes anyone know what happened to color schemes? I could try to answer, but could you provide more information first? Were these color schemes that used to be there and are no longer available? Or were these items in the wish list that may / may not have been implemented? There are some 'skins' available from the Display options > Choose Skins button. It will only show skins that you have available on your installation. More in
Jump to new posts Re: Play Inserted Notes not Playing by AudioTrack @ 41 minutes 18 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Robert BrainardHello Expert! I am using Version 2012 for Windows. I went to Options/Return to Factory Settings and selected Return Most to Factory Settings. This did the trick! Many Thanks, Robert Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know, as this can assist others. If you open your original post, you can mark it resolved (there's a button available for that).
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Jump to new posts Re: Training by Jim Fogle @ 58 minutes 8 seconds ago

I don't know of any tutorial series that covers everything Band-in-a-Box can do and all the different ways to do it. The +++ Groove3 tutorials +++ come close. I've got the 2015 Band-in-a-Box for Windows Explained and had the 2014 Band-in-a-Box for Mac. Both follow the same format and are pretty extensive.
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Originally Posted By: BabuMusicLoved that intro. Yes, a wonderful rocker with a strong message. You know I'm a fan of your vocals, Dan, but this one has something special to it. Creative changes and excellent use of the ooze and oz. Great mix as usual. You house this mansion on solid rock. Hey Marty...I'm blushing...your comments are too kind and I really appreciate them...when the artists you respect and enjoy offer up such grace in their comments it means so much and is extremely enco
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Jump to new posts Re: Améliorer le son du sax alto midi by Geeby @ Today at 09:27 AM

Bonsoir, Comme dit plus haut j'ai BIAB 2021 (845) avec Windows 11 Je veux bien mettre un fichier, mais à la différence de ton post sur joindre un fichier, je ne vois pas apparaître cette ligne en bas du post... Ma remarque est valable pour tous les morceaux où j' ai inséré une mélodie à partir d'un fichier .mid D'ailleurs je ne trouve pas le chemin pour modifier les infos de mon compte sur le forum... J'habite aussi en Bretagne A + Gérard
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Audio Chord Wizard's Influences? by Matt Finley @ Today at 09:18 AM

It is critical to establish beat one bar one, as mentioned, and if the tempo varies, I press F8 to sync each measure to be sure. The last time I used this utility, it recognized two chords per bar maximum, if that matters.
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Jump to new posts Re: Not alone, oh not anymore by Jona&friends by JONA @ Today at 08:30 AM

Thank you of your comments! Yes i know that my english needs more practice.. but thanks of the advice.. Kindly Jona
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Jump to new posts Re: SOMETHING'S MOVIN' by Torrey Bliss @ Today at 07:20 AM

Originally Posted By: F.M.M.Outstanding!!! love it, always enjoy your work very excellent mix I to like the guitar work and tones and vocals very well done thanks for sharing Eric Thanks, Eric, for the kind words!
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Jump to new posts Re: Wet Summer by PROJECT M @ Today at 07:15 AM

Hello Janne this is a cool crazy song The sound is bombastic My whole living room was vibrating ;-) So many great details you put in. Of course I like the hard rock guitar solo best ;-)))) Great work Many greetings Andi ;-)
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And somebody has to build the mud slide!! Brush up on The Star Spangled Banner to open the show!
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Jump to new posts Re: Realtracks show N/A by robbo @ Today at 06:44 AM

i'd send PG a bill for all the screwing around. last year, it took me two eight-hour days to get all the files working properly. robbo.
Jump to new posts Re: How much RAM are you packing by eddie1261 @ Today at 06:40 AM

Many times a performance issue can be remedied with a better graphics card. I have an Nvidia Gforce with 2GB of RAM and it's too slow. Right now just viewing a TV stream and being on the web I am using 67% of the GPU. If I open another window I will be sharing that with yet another task and all 3 will run with jitters. My problem is that I need 4 HDMI outputs and a card to fit into a PCIe slot that won't cost me more than my car did. Simon, you are a good "hardware nerd" source! I
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WOW! Great fun indeed!! You guys rock --so so well. Right from the feisty count-in, Janice sings so well, and, man, I love those harmonies. Peter, dude, you kill it every time. I really love your versatility --chops in every category. Bud, you are getting so good at these videos, and I, too, am grateful to Janice for putting up with your suggestions. Surely You see the reward in your tolerance, Janice. {Psst. I know your man is exaggerating }. You guys are the masters of teamwork.
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Jump to new posts Re: Sometimes It's Love by BabuMusic @ Today at 06:02 AM

First I'd like to ditto what Dan (firesong) says about your vocals. This is a really good song because that's what you write, and it's, of course, so well sung. As I was listening the first time I was all about this song is really good and needs nothing. Then on the second listen I found myself in Ray's camp about making the instrumentation more distinct --verse compared to the chorus. Also, that "Sometimes... sometimes... sometimes... sometimes it's love" is a good idea in chorus
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Jump to new posts Re: Lost Love by MarioD @ Today at 05:56 AM

Originally Posted By: PROJECT MHi Mario Sounds cool Very nice mood Great played and well supported with BiaB Many greetings Andi ;-) Thanx Andi for listening and commenting.
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Jump to new posts Re: Change Timebase of Real Tracks during a song by Matt Finley @ Today at 05:29 AM

I agree. From my experience with timebase settings other than Normal, this one may be hard to implement. I hope they can. I haven’t tried a workaround with generating multiple tracks of different time bases, then editing Utility tracks. Assuming you are even allowed to do that, the muting/unmuting is probably easier done in a DAW. +1
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Jump to new posts Re: BIAB 2022 Mac - Native Apple Silicon Support? by PeterGannon @ Today at 04:44 AM

> Add me to the list of users disappointed that there are no current plans to provide Native Apple Silicon Support for BIAB. I expect that we will have a silicon native version sometime in the future, especially as the share of Macs with M1 chips rises. The M1 machines have been around for less than 2 years now. It’s not simply a matter of recompiling, all of the various tools we use to make the programs also need to get updated, which takes time. But the “good news” in the silicon/
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Jump to new posts Re: Sweet Eyes by Charlie Fogle @ Today at 04:34 AM

Originally Posted By: Ezekiel's StormGreat work on the technical aspect of reworking the old recording. Pleasant and beautiful song, Charlie. Thanks. I appreciate you listening and commenting.
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<< 4. On a related note, the Bar Settings dialog box seems to be limited to 8 instruments. Since it is in this window where volume/muting changes are made it would be very handy if this dialog was not limited to 8 instruments but in fact contain the exact number of instruments that you have chosen to add to your song and in the same list sequence that appears in the Mixer window. >> BIAB can do this on both Mac and PC versions. Mr. Henry Clarke has just released a new YouTube tuto
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Jump to new posts Re: Need Disk Space by Gordon Scott @ Today at 03:54 AM

Originally Posted By: Simon - PG MusicCertainly, but you can cram a lot of performance into an ITX machine these days. Aye ... BTW I forgot to mention that both of those ITX machines of mine are around a decade old now. Series 11 i5s seem to be a fairly common ITX engine now. There are even some 12th gens. ITX boards tend to use the laptop CPUs for efficiency, which certainly helps wrt fan noise. There are some ITX cases around that have aluminium fins and heat-pipes to allow fanless operation
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Jump to new posts Re: Vampire Story by rsdean @ Today at 03:51 AM

Andi, Thanks very much. Bob
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Hello Mike Many many thanks We are all lucky to have such a great passion as music. And then to meet such nice musicians here in the forum is just unbelievable. Thanks a lot Mike Many greetings Andi ;-)
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Jump to new posts Re: What I'd Do For Your Kiss by PROJECT M @ Today at 01:34 AM

Hi Marty and Dave Really cool song Your singing is getting better and better Really cool Dave is playing great again A lot of fun to listen to Many greetings Andi ;-)
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Jump to new posts Re: Viridian - Spirit Level - Scott C and Robert C by PROJECT M @ Today at 01:32 AM

Hello Scott and Robert Very good song Excellent sung And of course excellent guitar work All in all a great music experience Many greetings Andi ;-)
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Jump to new posts Re: WE - the video by PROJECT M @ Today at 01:26 AM

Hello Ray cool video Fits really well to the song The cello sounds great and is well played Top work, Ray Many greetings Andi ;-)
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