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Re: Why own music? Byron Dickens 19 minutes ago Forum: Off-Topic Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by DrDan
One look at the pic tells me this is Ted Gioia who is well known in the industry as a premier music hisotrian and musicologist. If you know Ted, then nothing else really needs to be added to indicate the relavance of this video to this forum.
So what? There's how many billion videos on YouTube? Have enough respect for people's time to suggest why this one is worth spending it on instead of just doing a drive by. Nevermind that you don't actually own the music but are granted a license to use it under specific circumstances.
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Re: Everything To Wish For fgrittner 36 minutes ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by PeterF
Fred Pretty, gentle song, nicely sung. Enjoyed it. Peter
Thanks, Peter.
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Re: She told me she loved me Janice & Bud 37 minutes ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Nice group of session musicians and a fine mix. The soundstage sounds really good on the monitors. Cool arrangement and an interesting take on the heartbreak sentiment. Good work! J&B
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Re: The Water and the Wine (w/Fresh Fire) firesong 1 hour ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by floyd jane
Dan, You writing skills are on display here. Quailty - start to finish. SUPERB prosody. Excellent production - so good you don't notice it. (that's a compliment). Nice piano - it sits JUST right. Full, Very supportive. Comfortable. Amazing nylon lead... Excellent mix. Good Stuff. fj
Floyd...thanks for your very encouraging comments...I really appreciate them...Dan
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Re: Old CAKEWALK GUITAR PRO 2 in Win7? Anyone know? Jim Fogle 1 hour ago Forum: Off-Topic Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Good to see you back in the forum Ian. I hope the install goes well.
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Re: How To Write A Catchy Song: Anatomy Of An Earworm (Article) dcuny 1 hour ago Forum: Songwriting Jump to new postsJump to new posts
There's a world of difference between being able to identify the elements of a song that make it an earworm, and being able to write an "earworm". This article tells what elements are found in an earworm, but doesn't really tell how to write a catchy song. That's not surprising, since the author is a music critic and author, not an a songwriter. And as the author admits: "If we could pinpoint exactly how to write an earworm, a lot of pop songwriters would be out of work."
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Re: I'm a-comin' for your money with my 2 dead bandmates!! eddie1261 2 hours ago Forum: Off-Topic Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by Guitarhacker
some of them tour that "last time" thing multiple times.
I think The Who did 5 of them. With 2 dead members. The Eagles? Vince Gill? Seriously? Tribute band to themselves. Same with Journey. People are obviously free to do what they choose. I'll stop short of using the word "hate" to describe my feelings, but I will say they will never see my money. Not for "used to be" "bands" like a drummer playing along with videos. Drum Karaoke?
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Re: The process of making high-end Japanese headphones. Gordon Scott 3 hours ago Forum: Best of YouTube Jump to new postsJump to new posts
I especially liked the bit with the rubber mallet. That's real class. I found the strange mix of care and clumsiness rather bemusing. Jeff ... it's the marketing, but I guess you know that. I imagine a lot of work went into designing that diaphragm, though.
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Re: I made a dream: Band In a Box on Linux Gordon Scott 4 hours ago Forum: Band-in-a-Box Wishlist Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by Gordon Scott
Here's one reason that I dislike Windows. My notepad PC is dual boot as occasionally I want to run Windows on it. I just did to test something (which didn't work), Windows(8.1) did an update. Now it always reboots to Windows ... it's somehow even bypassing the bios, so even resetting to Linux as the first boot, the PC boots into f***ing Windows! I need my Linux on this PC, no ifs, no buts! I need it urgently! There are times like this when I could actively get to hate Microsoft and Windows.
I've now tried every fix and repair I can access, with no success. Final option ... reformat the drive and get rid of Windows from it. In truth, now that I've retired, I probably don't really any longer need a Win8.1 machine as I rarely now have to verify software on it. It's an absolutely awful desktop anyway. Good riddance. As my fix attempts also broke Win8.1, I also can't now deactivate the BIAB that's on it.
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Re: New collab_"Just A Regular Guy" chulaivet1966 4 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Good morning everyone. Howdy David.... I'm glad you found it worthy of a listen and thanks for the kind words. This is #3 for me in the last 2 months....hope I've climbed out of my creative deficit. smile Howdy Greg.... Those are some very kinds words and they are much appreciated. Getting favorable comments from our peers is very gratifying. As long as the 'fresh message' is not perceived to be preachy I'm a happy camper. Thanks again to you both for taking the time to listen. Have a great day!
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Re: Guitars in Space Elvis Nash 4 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
If you can write that and produce that , You're fine, There's nothing wrong with walking around the house calling yourself a genius, There's a lot worse things to tell yourself . What's Willie Nelson 91 , yup , Still playing so is Kris Kristofferson, there doing a Outlaw show next week .Willie what would you say to someone 18 years old ? "Shut up comes to mind". I was surprised Kris was going to be there , since he said he was retired , Well they always say that . Its probably why they're still alive , playing music . I think everybody is a genius, The trick is on what .
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Re: Mixing and mastering practice with Artist Performance tracks justanoldmuso 4 hours ago Forum: Recording, Mixing, Performance and Production Jump to new postsJump to new posts
well well done...kudos. really loved the high vocals and their vocal power and texture. this was obviously a labour of love. much admiration for the work you put into the song. happiness. om
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Re: The Campfire Song Izzy 5 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Mario - my new bestie, I appreciate your listen and nice comments. Thankyou my friend. Greg Johnson....THE Greg Johnson (your reputation precedes you) I'm honestly thrilled that you took the time to listen and comment.Thankyou!
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Re: That Man floyd jane 5 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by BabuMusic
Wow, that piano sounds perfect, floyd --not just the way it's played, but the quality of tone and what it adds to this wonderful piece of music. I hope you forgive me not spewing my usual calvalcade of praise that when read can seem like hyperbole. But if anyone listens to this and others you do, they would understand it is hyperbole without the insincere hype.
Calvalcade of praise...and...hyperbole. I'm all for that! It is the new American Way!! Truth be damned! There should be a song about that! I'm going crazy. Thanks, Marty. Always appreciated...
Originally Posted by David Snyder
So I'm standing on the top of the tallest building in downtown Raleigh on the edge of the roof with my toes hanging off and the firemen down below are trying to talk me down off the ledge. They asked me what was wrong. I told them I'd been listening to some Talking Heads and I was all pumped up but then I listened to your new song and I wanted to shoot myself. Do you have any final thoughts?? Is there even the tiniest light at the end of this long, dark, stench-filled tunnel of grief, alcoholism, despair and men treating women horribly? No just kidding man. This is a really sad, sad, sad, sad song but it's a great sad song, and the piano playing is just beautiful. Gorgeous sound overall. But next time can you do something really redneck with some loud redneck guitars and some redneck lyrics that don't really make any sense but are super happy?? ­čśé
One of my goals these days is to keep you on the edge. It's where your brilliance shines. Next time... Sure! I can do redneck! Well...first I have to see if ChatGirl can do redneck. I'm sure she can. MAN! she writes fast! Its flowery and doesn't really say anything original or connected, but, hey.... Oh how we suffer.
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Re: Rivers Of A Strange Land (acoustic version) floyd jane 5 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Nice, James. Delicate.
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Re: Strength To Carry On Guitarhacker 6 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by David Snyder
Herb, I gave you my thoughts in the Nashville songwriters meeting this month and I guess I'll stick to that. As I said then I love the potential of this song and I think some really wonderful things are going on. To me the piano playing is beautiful. I think the lyrics are on the right track for sure, and for sync music there is a fine line between lyrics that don't make any sense and lyrics that make too much sense. To a certain extent they should be kind of vague, for sync. So these are the kind of lyrics that don't really make sense or "shine" outside of the context of the music that they are wedded to, but that's okay, because that's the way it's supposed to be, for this type of ethereal sync song. I think I told you that I spent a long evening many years ago with a guy who was at that time one of the most famous rock and roll singer songwriters on the planet. While we were sitting on the hood of a car he told me that the most important thing that you need to know is that if it's rock and roll, the lyrics can't make sense. And that the moment you start trying to make sense, you kill the rock and roll. I thought that was pretty funny but I think he has a good point. In developing the lyric I think that the more you can work with the struggle that's going on and the way people are struggling, and striving and trying to deal with their struggles, the more powerful the lyrics will be, but that's just a matter of trying your hand at a couple of different approaches, so that you really bring out the poignant aspect of the human struggle element. But I think that all the work will be worth the effort, because I think you're really on to something with this one. I can see you crafting something here that could be genuinely and authentically powerful.
David. Thanks for that. I'm trying not to overthink it. If I overthink, and it's easy to do, it will ruin it. Thanks for the compliment on my piano playing skills. It's where I started with music and kind of got away from it when I got a guitar. It's relaxing and challenging to get back to it.
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Re: Rivers Of A Strange Land musician17 6 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
David C: thanks. Glad you liked it, and happy that you took the time to listen to it smile
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Re: Ooh Ya Ya NigelSpiers 6 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Hi Deej, Thanks for all your very generous comments. Best Regards Nigel
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Re: Crystal Lake (In the Rearview) DC Ron 8 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by Francesco Nespoli
Bella canzone!
Originally Posted by MarioD
Ron, Thanx for the pleasant flashback. Super vocal and lyrics. Great mix.
THANK YOU, Mario! I'm of an age where the term "flashback" can be as traumatic as, say, "infectious" is today. But I'm going to assume your flashback was a good one. Ha!
Originally Posted by chulaivet1966
Howdy Ron....This is a good write. Good upbeat energy, arrangement and well performed vox all around. Lots of imagery which is what I like in a song. Enjoyed the listen. Well done!
Glad you liked it. THANKS for the listen!
Originally Posted by Greg Johnson
Fun and catchy song Ron!!! Like the retro energy!! Mix sounds fantastic!!! Take care. Greg
Greg, THANK YOU! "Fun and catchy" is the objective, so glad this worked for you. smile
Originally Posted by dcuny
Hi, Ron. Cool song -the segmented phrasing reminded me a bit of Squeeze's "The Junction", which is a good thing. A bit more "jolting" that I'd want, but the kind of thing that would quickly grow on me. smile I'm amazed how you and your team keep putting out solid pop.
David, wow. "Up the Junction" is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. How do you write a pop song that good...without a chorus? Difford and Tilbrook just do it for me. Thematically, our beach tune is closer to "Pulling Mussels from a Shell", another banger of a Squeeze song. But all their early stuff is gold. THANKS for the listen and an excuse to go on about my love for Squeeze!
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Re: WAVED GOODBYE rsdean 8 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Ray, Thanks. Always appreciate your thoughts and kind words. Bob
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Re: Fishes Chris37 8 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
I've followed David's good advices and I've changed the wrong sentence. Now, it is " You bring joy in the ocean "! Do any of you know of a good English or American children's song site with a forum?
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Re: Poor Heart of Mine BlueAttitude 8 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by rsdean
Dave, Chris & Marty, Wow! A new favorite! Chris sounds excellent with a perfect slow-burn vocal and some great piano lines. Love the arrangement and the mix as well. You and Marty sound great together. I really like your guitar parts here - I am getting some Santana vibes. Awesome stuff! Bob
Appreciate that, Bob!
Originally Posted by musician17
Nice! Beautifully melodic, with more than a hint of Latin. Dave is a marvel on the lead guitar, Marty is unobtrusively but flawlessly playing the bass, and Chris is expressive and communicative in her solo. Well arranged, well written, well performed, VERY well produced, and (not least) a good video. Love that this song is, once more, melodic, and tells a clear story well. Good job - and I agree with Bob about the Santana vibes, of course.
Thanks, James!
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Re: Victory For Viktor Bass Thumper 8 hours ago Forum: User Showcase Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Originally Posted by Guitarhacker
We must never forget... yet we find ourselves having forgotten. Thank you for reminding us that we should never forget lest we go down that same road again.
Hey Hacker, I totally agree with you. Thanks for listening . . . and more importantly, remembering.
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Brug Band-in-a-Box Artist Performance Tracks til at ├Şve mixning og mastering lindbjerg 8 hours ago Forum: Dansk Band-in-a-Box bruger forum Jump to new postsJump to new posts
Band-in-a-Box's Artist performance track er fantastiske til at ├Şve dine mixe og mastering f├Žrdigheder. Jeg har tage et track som hedder Burning Castles (moderne country). I linkene nedenfor kan du h├Şre det uproccesserede track fra Band-in-a-Box og det mixerne og mastrede resultat af det samme. Her er det r├ą Band-in-a-Box track: Og her er det mixed og mastrede: Venlig hilsen Lindbjerg
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Re: Forget The Plugin Fixes musocity 12 hours ago Forum: Band-in-a-Box for Windows Jump to new postsJump to new posts
The economic benefit for PG Music to quit using J bridge applications was apparent when apple banned 32bit applications. Same with other bridge applications, BBW4, they can't use that with an iPad or Android version, they will require JUCE self-contained code. If the code is moved to the JUCE all the old limitations will be got rid of and you won't be able to open the same project in old Biab, only in a DAW that can handle more bars, real time signatures and decimal tempo maps. The same project from the iPad will open in the JUCE Plugin in a DAW on Linux Mac or Win. If I try and open a frozen Win SGU now on Mac it won't open as the Mac version with those RealTracks have not yet been released on Mac. Whereas with JUCE all platforms are released at the same time with same features.
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