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Originally Posted By: BabuMusicHans, you are really quite special. Another wonderful song. So well thought out and conceived (which is not really redundant haha). Poignant lyrics on a very deep subject, one which many would rather ignore it seems. We could sit and talk about this for hours with a couple bottles and two glasses. Not sure what your "friendly judges" threw out, but I really like their choice of this one. Congas make everything sound better. I traveled with a conga p
Jump to new posts Re: Entering chords by Charlie Fogle @ 2 minutes 15 seconds ago

<< You are probably talking about BIAB. >> Nope. Talking about RB. And yes, I tested the way you import the file you want by selecting FILE then IMPORT and when the selected file imports, it always imports to beat 1 of measure 1 for me too. Now I ask that you try the way I import a WAV file. Use the import WAV option in the Audio Tool Bar on the Tracks screen. You can place the audio anywhere you designate and it defaults to the curser placement. You do have to watch carefull
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Jump to new posts Re: Poly Chords by Pipeline @ Today at 02:20 AM

Impro-Visor in free 55. Slash Chords and Polychords Slash chords (which specify a bass note after the slash) are indicated with a forward slash, such as D/E. Polychords (one chord stacked atop another) are indicated with a backward slash, such as D\Bb. Biab Chords to ImproVisor
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Jump to new posts Re: Poly chords by Pipeline @ Today at 02:11 AM

Impro-Visor in free 55. Slash Chords and Polychords Slash chords (which specify a bass note after the slash) are indicated with a forward slash, such as D/E. Polychords (one chord stacked atop another) are indicated with a backward slash, such as D\Bb. Biab Chords to ImproVisor
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Jump to new posts Re: Plugin Dialog Window Disappear when minimized by VideoTrack @ Today at 02:02 AM

Originally Posted By: PipelineThanks I'll do that soon. They should make it so if you click on the plugin in the mixer and the window is minimized, it should restore it ! I would also imagine that this would not be a difficult feature to achieve.
Jump to new posts Re: MIDI Guitars by CeeBee @ Today at 02:02 AM

I tried the Yamaha EZ AG and didn't like it and then switched to Midi Guitar 2 by Jam Origin which I found was much better. It is also a good way of pinpointing all your bad guitar playing habits because you have to play clean and precise to get the best results. You can probably download a trial version.
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Jump to new posts Re: Anzahl der bar's im sheet by Brille @ Today at 01:19 AM

Hallo mazza, Screenshot habe ich dir hier angehängt. das (x) hatte ich als Platzhalter gemeint für die Anzahl der Takte.
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Jump to new posts Re: "Free & Easy" - Folky Pop Tune by camog @ Today at 12:47 AM

Hi Greg, your comment means a lot - thank you very much indeed!! Don't know whether I'm allowed to mention it here (as it's not BB) - you might like my 'Ronroco Calma' on Soundcloud, also soft & melodic? Hope you keep finding just the right songs for your great voice!! All the best in CA, Carl
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Hi Peter, I'm very glad you liked my tune - thanks a lot for your comment!! All the best in AUS - Carl
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Jump to new posts Re: Un jour, nous partirons by rayc @ Yesterday at 11:46 PM

It's a lovely song but the vocal doesn't sit in the mix - it's above and slightly to the left - but the latter could just be my ears.
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Jump to new posts Re: Consentingly Bold by rayc @ Yesterday at 11:44 PM

You've killer tone and great hands.
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Jump to new posts Re: EPIDEMI – the full version… by rayc @ Yesterday at 11:39 PM

I'm not sure of the purpose the snort at the beginning serves except to be a preview of the snort/sweep/glass sound in the verse (which is too loud to be honest), or to suggest symptoms of the disease. Other than that it's pretty cool.
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Jump to new posts Re: Winter Memories by rayc @ Yesterday at 11:35 PM

Fbaulous stuff. The I'm not excited by the drums but they do their job unobtrusively enough. Bass is cool and REALLY consistent. Guitar licks n kickk really well. Vocals are well sorted for the song...personally I'd edit some of the uhs from the end of phrases but that's me - they give me the lounge singer vibe when & where ever I hear them. Very cool tracks.
Jump to new posts Re: Ok mostly by Sundance @ Yesterday at 07:55 PM;oe=5FBD3F76
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Jump to new posts Can't create mandolin solo in _BGMEDLY.STY style? by Buttrey @ Yesterday at 07:53 PM

Greetings. I'm using the _BGMEDLY.STY style to create a bluegrass tune, and it's great. So I feel bad about asking this, but...the documentation claims that if you pick sub-styles g or h, you get a mandolin solo. I don't though: I get the same mandolin accompaniment regardless of the substyle I pick. Am I the only one? Has anyone else run into this? Whoops. Update: I just switched everything to substyles e and f, expecting guitar solo, and found mandolin. Does anyone use this excellent style? A
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Jump to new posts Re: Multiple MIDI channels on 1 track? by ve2cjw @ Yesterday at 07:34 PM

Thanks Simon.
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Jump to new posts Re: Assigning a MIDI channel to a track. by ve2cjw @ Yesterday at 07:33 PM

Thanks Simon.
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Jump to new posts Re: Multiple MIDI channels on 1 track? by ve2cjw @ Yesterday at 07:32 PM

Thank you Simon. This should be mentioned in the instruction manual. There is no mention of OMNI mode that I could see and channel 0 is not explained.
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Jump to new posts Re: It Sometimes Works That Way by eddie1261 @ Yesterday at 07:05 PM

Originally Posted By: Greg JohnsonLove it!! A good dose of cynicism can be cathartic at times!! Love this line: Cos credit travels up, and blame travels down Is that an original? Great stuff!! Take care. Greg Rog wrote it. I did some minor lyric tweaking just to make syllables line up with the pulses in the rhythm and sang it. Often I add a verse, or replace a verse, or have to totally crate a verse to add to what Rog sends over. In this case, the lyrics he wrote were the lyric
Jump to new posts Re: Zampler-RX + 19 free and legal expansions by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 06:15 PM

Paj, thanks for sharing the links and advice.
Jump to new posts Re: Zeus has gone north. by Jim Fogle @ Yesterday at 06:12 PM

Way to go Herb and Eddie. Great to see that humans can be as good for dogs as they are for humans. Both dogs are fortunate.
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Jump to new posts Re: Yohan has a a rather Sunny drumming day by Ember - PG Music @ Yesterday at 06:09 PM

How many instruments does he know how to play? He's such a talented one. Thanks for sharing!
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Jump to new posts Re: No Fault Zone (Peter on guitar) by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 06:03 PM

Originally Posted By: Dero13Hello Janice and Bud, Jazzy atmosphere that puts us directly in the mood. Jani's voice, always so sensual, still pleases us as much. The lead guitar and the Hammond organ reinforced this warm atmosphere. The mix is ​​great. Well done. Kindly regard Dero13 alias JaniJackFlash Thanks for the kind words. They are appreciated! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: The Maiden's Tale by Andyman @ Yesterday at 05:43 PM

I'm pleased to announce that this song was recently nominated by Museboat Radio to be included in their competition to win an award for 'best song' played on the station over the last ten years ! If you like the song, I would be very grateful if you would click on the following link and vote for Andy Shearer - 'The Maiden's Tale'. Voting is free without any registration and you can vote as many times as you like! The winning song will be announced in a Gala Show which will be broadcast on 6th
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Originally Posted By: Will JosefBeautiful vocals. Really enjoyed listening! I cannot say much about the instrumental parts, because you didn't write anything about who did what. I thought we were supposed to do that, but good to know that I don't have to do that in the future. Thanks for sharing! Will Thanks Will!! I do have the bad habit of not putting the tracks on......I'll try to improve on that. Take care. Greg
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