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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Jump to new posts Re: Utility Tracks Mute Automation by Rustyspoon# @ 14 minutes 50 seconds ago

+1 "inability to use bar settings on the utility tracks." P.S. I am probably the last person here on the forum to suggest a "workaround", but you can edit mutes (volumes) within ACW or Audio views. The issue with that it is a quite a multi step process (if you are muting/unmuting several tracks), not for fast track sketches / arrangements.
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Jump to new posts Re: 49_PAK by jcspro40 @ 16 minutes 40 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: PhillyJazzThe completist in me got out of bed and ordered it. Should I seek help? If you find a good shrink, please let me know......I am the same way! As for the 49Pak I would also like to know if it is NEW every year (no repeats / duplicates) or is it rehashed.....just tell us "New every year & the past packs are gone" or are they rehashed? I LUV PG Music stuff, but sometimes the wording leaves a LOT to be desired..
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Jump to new posts Re: AU plugin for 2022 BIAB not generating tracks for DAW use by SerStickman @ 49 minutes 29 seconds ago

I did the rebuild thing yesterday. No change. The plugin does not generate tracks within Logic or Studio One.
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Jump to new posts Re: Seldom Scene lost video by AudioTrack @ Today at 03:33 AM

It may not be my style of music, nevertheless, the talent shines through. Quality performances, and it's great that this has been recorded and retained. Exceptional.
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Jump to new posts Re: Barren Branches by BlueAttitude @ Today at 03:26 AM

Hi Bob, Nice track, I love this kind of groove. Good playing from both you and the BIAB guitar guy. I hear the distortion Ray is talking about, sounds to me like clipping happening on the harp track, maybe it was recorded a little too hot. Lots of potential, I think.
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Jump to new posts Re: The River of Life (feat. Amber) by BlueAttitude @ Today at 03:20 AM

Hi Dan, It seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! She has a lovely voice, great tone, power, and vibrato. And passion! Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.
Jump to new posts Re: Need help new to song writing by TRYUK @ Today at 01:13 AM

Here in the UK you travel a short distance and you will find a very different dialect.
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Jump to new posts Re: Final Touch by rayc @ Today at 12:34 AM

Hello Eric - super tone & playing as always. The backing sounds a bit bass heavy and as if there's a ton of reverb on the piano...they all sound BIG in a spacial sense.
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Jump to new posts Re: Love's Forgotten Song - SynthV Remix by rayc @ Today at 12:29 AM

Really smooth and well arranged backing. The flute solo leapt forward a bit but that settled quickly. I did notice that some of the polysyllabic syllable words sounded a little rushed - or, rather were words I'd have chosen to extend eg: lovers and the closest friends once gone never coming back again you held your hand in mine only yesterday now that memory is all that remains. The plugs seem good - the bass became boomy in the louder sections. That particular voice seems to suit an anodyne
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Jump to new posts Re: How to force tab notation for soloist ? by musocity @ Today at 12:20 AM

The guitars and bass all should have tabs.
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Jump to new posts BB23 Alt Track Name Fit by musocity @ Yesterday at 11:06 PM

In The Alt+F8 the Alt track label was set to WordWrap with height of 17, 25 will allow you to see all the RT name:
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Jump to new posts Re: "STILLNESS" - Calm Bossa Instrumental by camog @ Yesterday at 10:51 PM

Thanks a lot for your comment David - very useful to know that my mix sounds ok on your RealPhones, dSONIQ presumably? I often mix on my Sennheiser HD650 headphones these days, I think they're great for the price - after much use over several years I feel I can pretty well trust what I hear through them. If I have any doubts, then I re-check the mix on Genelec speakers with a sub - that of course brings in the effects of the room I'm in, so it's 'swings & roundabouts'! Thanks for taking a l
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Jump to new posts BB23 Audio Edit Snap 1/4 1/8 1/16 by musocity @ Yesterday at 10:25 PM

You have a snap of 1/4 if if could be set it to 1/4 1/8 1/16 will allow for accurate editing. EDIT: it would be good to remember the current setting.
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Jump to new posts Re: My Babe by NigelSpiers @ Yesterday at 09:50 PM

Hi Andi, Thanks for all your kind comments. Best Regards Nigel
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Jump to new posts Re: Not this way (Blues) by dcuny @ Yesterday at 08:25 PM

It's always the season for blues! It sound all good to me - vocals, guitar, lyrics... all of it!
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Jump to new posts Re: My 2022 Hoilday song by Bosco Adama @ Yesterday at 08:16 PM

Originally Posted By: MarioDAn excellent new Christmas song about love I liked the vocal and mix Fantastic chord progression, different than most other Christmas songs, brilliant work on that and making the vocal fit the chord progression I really liked this one - a new Christmas masterpiece Thanks for the kind words
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Jump to new posts Re: BB23 Paste Positions by musocity @ Yesterday at 08:08 PM

Somrthing like this:
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Jump to new posts Re: Utility tracks do not load in DAW app by Rob Helms @ Yesterday at 07:18 PM

That is a feature still in development. I am hoping that gets fixed in 2023. It is working to some degree in the window 2023 app. There are still a few issues that the PGM staff is working out. Work around in the mean time is to drag those tracks to the drop and drag area in BiaB main and drag them fro there into Logic. It is really not much work and works flawlessly. In the DAW plugin I don’t use it just as a pass through. If I want to add more than the style tracks I move them over and a
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Jump to new posts Re: WHY ARE TAXES ADDED FOR EDELIVERY by Byron Dickens @ Yesterday at 07:17 PM

What have the Romans ever done for us?
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Jump to new posts Re: November Work In Progress...Collaboration. by rayc @ Yesterday at 07:06 PM

Originally Posted By: BirchwoodHat 7:30 I expected something like "marmalade, I like marmalade"like they did. Have you used a pitch changer in it? And you did hide them again. No, I don't think the song is too long. It needs to be this long because of all that is happening. Hans, The last couple of psych/prog tracks I did have a tag at the end so I thought I'd best skip it for a change. The vocals are, at some points tidied with Rea Tune, but not pitch shifted. Hidden - yes, becasue
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Jump to new posts Re: 16bit 44.1khz vs 24bit 48khz Audio by AudioTrack @ Yesterday at 06:52 PM

Originally Posted By: rharvQuote:... Just a question if I may: How familiar are you with the input from the forum members SolidRock and Pipeline? Both of whom contributed valuable input to the forums. Please share. I think you may be asking your question to at least one of them <grin> Only one of them? I would guess that it's more likely to be all three of them
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Jump to new posts Re: Really Into The Blues by Scott C @ Yesterday at 06:15 PM

Wow that one hits you in the chest. Awesome tune Tommy. Guitar was exceptional. Loved the vocal and lyric. Boy your production gave the song a very cool live feel. Well done...
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typically i use biab/rb n' reaps in a song. the thing i like in reaps is to record in compressed file format my vocs eg flac. maybe i'm stupid but i cant hear diff from recording in wav. frankly i'm sick of running tests lol for confirmation bias. ive lost count how many traks ive recorded over the years in reaps useing flac. thousands... thus a reason i posted a wish for bb n ' rb to do same...or use ogg or wavpak whatever. imagine bb n' rb genning/recording/playback/mixing all useing a st
Jump to new posts Re: Audiophile edition question by Matt Finley @ Yesterday at 04:59 PM

Pat, you are a fine musician. Don’t sell yourself short.
Jump to new posts Re: Stems by rharv @ Yesterday at 04:37 PM

Yeah, one of the new features in RB2023 is RD Stems support, so that about sums it up .. probably won't work in a previous version Other new features: Microchords support and smoother Tracks window scrolling .. as well as other other new stuff like Utility Track support Release Notes - Upgrade path
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