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#102570 01/18/11 07:03 PM
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
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Joined: May 2005
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My biab tips.
( use these tips n info at your own risk.
i'm just trying to help some folks with added things i come across.)
Gonna use this thread for shareing ideas and tips n triks
as i come across em in biab.
but i'm just shareing my adventure in biab land as it evolves which might help
other newbies too.)
(note1...for those wanting tips on puters/daws in general n powertraks
etc etc , my previous tips thread is
note2...for those that dont know me , my gig/fun is writing songs
in lots of different genres, n singing in lotsa different styles
on my own songs n other folks when i get time.
(lol..i'll sing in any genre...
jazz/metal/rock/blues/rap/country..its all fun to me.)

let me say a few words also.
over the years many folks have made comments to me
that biab is "elevator music" or "for jazzers",
or "cheesy sounds" (in the midi era) or "ya cant rock out with it".
wrong on all accounts imho as ive discovered.
i can only conclude some folks arent organised properly.
sure midi will sound cheesy if ya useing junky on board
pc chip midi sounds instead of good sound sources.
also ive been rocking out like crazy with it.

so here we go on tips.

tip001. getting organised.
one of the first things ive done is set up a folder called biabsongs.
and within it a folder for each biab song i do.
then in my regular daw i use i will have a folder for each song similarly.
ive already done daw drops n it works great for transferring say
biab traks to say a daw for example.
in summary create the song skeleton in biab then drop or import the traks
into your daw of choice. ptw/reaper/rb etc etc,.
i sorta look at it like building a blinkin house.
ie song foundation then embellishments.
one thing that might be interesting to contemplate, and its something
i'm gonna get into more n try out is INSTEAD of trying to do ALL in
ONE BIAB song, you could have a number of bite sized chunks.
for example i just wrote a test likkle ditty song
in biab , sorta heavy thrash backing. but then before song starts
i wanted a melancholy piano on its lonesome as contrast.
so in this scenario how bout 2 biab song files.
ie.. sectioning up a song into maneagable parts.
one for the lonely piano start , n other song files for different parts of the song
for me, compartmentalising of this nature gives me control in case
i make a mistake. mebe others use other ideas.
but for me i'm tending to think of haveing for any song,
a biab song file for intro, another for verse, another for chorus,
another for special situations in a song or outtro etc etc.
INSTEAD OF ONE BIG CHORD SHEET where i might mess up.
in summary for me i'm really thinking how to organise myself.
and haveing several chord sheets for each song.
no big woof.

tip002. WATCH THE BPM.
the first thing that caught me i hAd a bpm
set in biab at 140 bpm , but forgot to set the daw for dropping traks into
at the same bpm..OOPS !!
so RULE...smacking meself round the head...DAW BPM = BIAB BPM.
now all is cool. so watch out for this one.

tip003. leave a few bars free in your daw at song begin.
before drops/imports
from biab...
just in case you decide "later" you want something before what you have already
dropped into the daw multitrack software.

tip004. if you get "tekkie" probs.
for me biab just worked easy as pie after an easy install.
no probs yet.
if however you get probs , and ive seen it time and
again with various daw music software, mostly its down to
often how your puter is set up //the sound devices you use//drivers etc etc.
my old my tips thread has lots of tips on this.

so dont wanna rehash oodles of tips.
ok ya got a brilliant new i7 puter n ya got probs.
so you are fed up. its too simple to assume just cos ya spent large on a new puter
of this caliber all will be rosy. its how its configged
for studio use thats often the bottom line. includeing the sound device
choice and how its set up within music software.
in summary if ya got probs often its related to the learning curve of
understanding the new puter and/or the sound device and/or its set up
in music software etc..particularly for folks new to music makeing on a puter.
lappies particularly can be a pain in the rear for some folks.
important to set em up right.

tip 005. delving into the bb directory.
instead of useing the regular menus n pickers i'm
adopting an alternate method to digging beneath the
surface of biab.
heres what i'm doing.
within the BB dir are lots of different music files you can clik
on. and up will come biab with the song loaded.
so i'm working my way thru every single one.
listening to it , changeing it (BUT NOT APPLYING A HARD CHANGE
IN THE BB DIR), n generally seeing how far i can take things.
so i started on the 101 country riffs. cliking on each one n mucking around with
it. changeing the midi sounds n subbing real traks for example
and adding intros.
when i find something i like or regenerate i diddnt change any of the riffs in the
101 cg dir riffs. but remember my first tip ??
where i set up a dir called mybiabsongs ??
within that i set up a folder called myfavideas.

tip 006. the 101 riffs dir.
i'm not really a country bloke.
(i'm more a rocker) but i had a blast today rigorously going thru all
the cg riffs, n altering em to something WAY WAY different.
(without changeing the riff in the 101 dir).
for example the midi elec geetar some might say is cheesy.
so change it !! muck around with it n have fun regenerating.
a NOTE.. if you notice the biab INTRO ICON.
if you clik this you get a dialog for generating intros,
before the riff. in the dialog notice you can choose pop
instead of jazz. also i was replaceing the riff with say a real trak sax or some
other instrument.
i came up with lots of song intro ideas not related
even to CG by experimenting witn them.
ps..over the next few weeks as i get time i will be going thru all the bb dir's,
and any interesting tips will focus on what i find.
next up is the blues jams dir. so i'm gonna do things in order.


retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
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see my tips in the tips section.
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Joined: May 2005
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oops...forgot a quikie tip.
(many more tips in the weeks/months ahead)
tip 007. games with geetar real traks.
heres something to ponder mates.
expanding the sound palate of the real trak rocker geetars.
think about "reamping" !! or..once dropped the geetar real trak into your daw of choice..
copy it to a fresh trak then plug in a freebie geetar plug in
like freeamp or if yer rich a commercial geetar plug in etc etc.
then mix in.
to get a different sound picture.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
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tip 008. Blue Jam sub dirs.
in the bb directory youll see 2 blue jam sub directories.
if you go into em youll see lots of biab icons to clik on.
what i did was clik on each one in turn n listen to the jam.
then modify the jam to see what i get.
eg either a patch change or a real instrument.
in real drum prefs if you notice is a dialog to sub into a midi song
real drums. i set it to always as a test.
it seemed that biab selected the appropo RD for the particulAr jam.
why am i going thru each jam in turn ??
n modifying it ??
well i might come up with a new song idea or progression.
which i then save to my special favs folder leaveing the original jams
untouched in their dir.
so lets summarise..dont like the default midi sound ?? change it
and/or sub in a real instrument.
remember you can also generate an intro for more ideas.
heres an interesting idea.
just solo the allocated RD's in these jams..
mebe you can use em in a song. or mebe a particular instrument riff will be usefull.
another thing to experiment with is the RD picker while a jam is playing.
leaveing the dialog open while double clicking on various RD's n seeing how they fit.
just one example ..the blue jam 60...subbed a jazz brushes RD.
remember you czan always change the chords also.
everything is changeable for experimentation.
i cant afford all the RD's//audiophile etc etc , but biab was doing a good job with
what RD's i had..i even subbed in hiphop RD on one jam, and a country RD
on another. sounded great.
another could in fact just clik on various jams at various bpm's
with the RD soloed n build up a lib of drum traks you could save to a special
seperate folder in your seperate daw multitrack software.
dropping in the drum traks.
heres another idea. in one specific jam i got this loverly mini
drum solo. this is another area i'm exploring in biab..
useing it to create drum solos like a real drummer would.
now people will say to me.."why arent you useing the biab menus
n file open" ??
the answer is simple. i weanna get down deep n not miss anything.
this way by going thru every single biab song file where they appear
in each dir and cliking on the biab icon i wont miss anything.
lets take an example. bring up blue jam 80.
if your useing on board junky pc midi sound prolly they sound bad.
this isnt the fault of biab.
go invest in a nice sound module n youll hear a diff.
for example..i got the country even 8 RD loaded.
starts to sound better.
now change the piano to mebe a draw bar gm2 organ patch.
or say voice ooohs patch.
ooh i just found a nice patch echo sweep.
now that clean elec geetar patch is a tad cheesy ??
so lets sub in say a dreamy or rocky real geetar.
see how it changes ??
notice how now we have the beginning of something ??
bass n piano midi, drums n geetar real instruments.
just a crude example suggesting experimentation.
hope you get the i got a nice laid back feel
with a downward chord progression etc etc.
n melding everything together nicely like a cloth "weaver"
to create a nice sound tapestry.
to summarise..dont just say "oh man ..hate that riff or sound".
this is easily done.
this involves heavy experimentation.
next tip will cover the drums demos folder...
gonna explore that next.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
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tip009. drums sub dir's.
here i have 2 dirs.
drums and drums-demos.
within drums dir note lots of drums dir's.
according to style.
you can hear each by clicking on the win > play icon
and win will play them.
any you like you could copy i guess to your daw multitrack project
eg as a ruff clik trak. if you didnt wanna open up biab at a
particular time.
(and style files i wont go into right now.
later on. )
but i'm gonna now go thru the drums demos dir.
youll notice the drums demos dir has lotsa songs.
lotsa styles etc etc. different tempos.
(note..youll notice if you hold your mouse over a song icon you can see the
song bpm displayed before clicking on it. )
just clik on a biab icon and chord sheet appears.
(note..the seq files are for opening in RB for example.)
some people listening to some demos will prolly hear lots of older
music styles. in many cases some might say lounge or 60's.
a lot of styles are jazzier with different chord extensions.
but lets not be quick to judge some of these styles.
lots can be learned from them .
keep an open mind...mebe new chord progressions jazzed down for
say a rocky song or whatever. once again EXPERIMENT !!
dont just think "well my granny or grandad would listen to that" !!
useing save as to a different dir.
heres another tip..lets say you hear a style close to a song
idea of yours. in order to avoid any possibility of
changeing by accident anything in the drum demos dir..
just right clik over the biab icon..and select copy..
and copy n paste the song file to a seperate "test" dir elswhere on
your hard drive. i just tried great.
just simple copy n paste.
remember all is changeable. for example in one country drum demo
i changed a patch to violin. in another i changed to clarinet.
for those like me that are more "rocker orientated"
youll notice also in the drums demo dir grungier demos etc.
see what you can do with these via experimentation.
once again changeing midi patches n real instruments etc etc like before.
changeing chords etc etc n saveing to a test dir youve set up for
testing different ideas.
for example i brought up a hiphop demo style but soloed the drums...
n went hmm...thats cool !! n it gave me a song idea on its own
just listening to the beat. n i found a nice mini drum break/solo.
within the demos youll see lots of jazz demos.
there are some cool chords/progressions in these examples.
once again experiment with them.
(as an aside my dad may he rip would have loved many of the jazz drum demoes
cos he was a jazz drummer decades ago.)
heres an idea...
midway thru this extensive set of demos..
i took a rest n laid on thev bed.
what was interesting was all the demos were swirling around in my head
and giving me new song snippet ideas.
as we all know the human subconcious is a curious thing,
and you never know where a new song idea might come from.
another idea you go thru these demos you might hear once again interesting
drum breaks or mini solos. what i'm contemplating is building up a library
of drum solos //mini breaks//longer drum solos in a seperate dir on my pc
that i can then import into daw multitrak software.
after my likkle rest i was grooving on some of the LA pop examples.
changeing em around n makeing em heavier.
adding a real trak geetar heavy sorta idea n solos etc etc.
one of many i started to groove on was a upbeat nashville even 8 demo.
so i copied n pasted the biab song file to my seperate "favs"
dir within my own biabsongs dir.
man that rock thrash half time ev16 is a big drum sound.
gonna think where i can use it.
on one of the rhumba examples i generated a soft romantic intro i liked,
once again experimenting.
saved one of the salsa ones to my favs dir for further
experimenting. v nice salsa examples for use in other songs.
one point to can also use the wizard to play along on your puter kbd !!
(another option.).

well i came away from all the drum demoes with a load of new ideas i gotta think about.
hope you do too. you MUST spend detailed time going thru experimenting with
each one.
more tips n ideas to come as i get time.

ps..if folks could comment whether they find these tips usefull or not..
cos i am time compressed n doin my best.
if usefull i'll carry on.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
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tip010. drum solos/breaks etc etc.
i was mucking around finding ways to do
drum solos in case i ever want one in a song.
for example lets say a 30 sec solo.
unless ive missed something within the soloist i see nothing re
drum solos.
(if someone feels ive missed something , jump in,.)
so then i discovered C.d which is a biab command that will play drums on
their own. (of course one could also solo drums.)
so i started sprinkling around the chordsheet C.d
in conjunction with style/substyle changes.
i got some very interesting drum traks as a result.
lots of drum breaks etc..
which made me think i could do a lib of drum breaks at various
bpm's on my daw for various songs.
in summary i found the C.d feature very usefull.
other possibilities also open up..
for example creating in a daw the illusion of 2 drummers drumming
together via 2 drum daw drops to different traks from biab.
remember also for more craziness you can take a vanilla midi drum trak
and do things with that too. eg moving the midi data up n down
like i used to in powertraks in classics view.
then of course you could reinforce further in your daw with one shot samples.

also let me explain somethings ive done this week with biab genned
drum traks.
once dropped into the daw multitrak software..
you can move bits of the drum trak around.
for example i found in one part of a song the swishy cyms were too
dominant so i replaced with a more straight pattern from elsewhere in the drum trak.
i mean lets face it, you can gen drum traks ad infinitum till
you find something you want or combos of RD patterns to drop into the daw drum traks.

by the way a "got ya". remember when you drop the traks into your daw
(kinda obvious) some lining up might be needed of course to the bar.
(as mentioned before ensure daw bpm = biab bpm.).
it really depends how you work.

ps..remember also you can clik the soundtrak
icon, select only drums in the dialog and create drums of varying length also.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
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Joined: Jul 2000
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tip002. WATCH THE BPM.

I frequently name my songs
"Great New Song - 125 bpm - 01"
"01" is the version, in case I try some things and then realize I've totally screwed up what was actually pretty good when I started. You could also add part id's to the title for that lonesome Piano intro, etc.

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yes good point mate.
tip. 011. drag n drop tip.
if like me your useing biab plus a seperate
daw multitrak software and dropping traks from biab
into the daw software youll prolly have seperate project folders
in your daw software seperate from biab for each song.
BUT be aware therefore to drop the biab traks into the relevent
song folder used by the daw software otherwise it will auto end up in the biab
D n D folder it seems.
this is noones fault of course, cos biab doesnt know your daw song folder.
the reason i raise this aspect is that you might send your daw project folder
to a friend with all your traks in..BUT your biab genned traks will be in
the biab D n D folder unless you specifically drop them into your
daw multitrak song folder.
an example of the issue..i genned some traks in biab dropped em onto the main trak sheet of a daw software
i like...then i realised they ended up in the biab d N d folder.
makes sense if you think bout it.
just be aware of this. in win of course you could just move the audio once genned
by biab from the D n D folder to your multitrak song specific folder , n then
import into the daw.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
manning1 #102577 01/31/11 03:38 PM
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tip 012. "going thru more dir's.
if you bring up the biab sub dir's as a list in win,
i'm now up to sol9demo i think its called.
been thru quite a few sub dir's n loads of biab example songs.
but lots more sub dir's yet to go thru.
in some cases ive been changeing or simplifying chord structures and saveing to my
own "favs" dir seperate from biab thus leaving the biab dir's
in their original state as shipped.
ive been experimenting with intro's n all sorts of stuff.
subbing real instruments for midi also etc etc.
ps.."oh mamma" whoopeee
loving the nashville "outlaws" RD which i mucked
around with subbing for various midi drums etc etc.
been going thru a ton of solos of course in the sub dir's.
then of course turning the solos off (muted) and seeing what new stuff
as a result so far i have a favs folder with bout 90 new song ideas.
in summary i really would strongly suggest to get deep into biab ,
and experiment like crazy. yes i know it means "time spent"..
but for example tother day i was going thru one of the solo sub dir's
n not getting much that twigged moi..then "wham" suddenly got a ton of stuff that twigged
me. in summary i feel with biab the more you "delve" the more youll
be rewarded.
more comments to come.
all the best.

retired puter engr....powertracks on amd......NICE !
"what is the black art of audio engineering ?"
my silly
see my tips in the tips section.
manning1 #102578 02/06/11 02:51 PM
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Joined: Dec 2009
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Manning1 ... don't I remember you from GearSlutz?

Anyway ... great tips ... and really the Great Meta Tip: experiment creatively by delving ... but make sure you don't disturb the underlying structure.

I little tip like the BPM in the Title ... put the Key Signature in the Title of your song, too. I often make a +/- one key copy to make sure I've got the right key for vocalist. I've wasted a lot of time mistakenly opening the wrong version and not realizing. When the key is in the internal song name ... ya can't miss it.


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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
dear fellow pg users.
a note.
i was haveing trouble logging in as manning1.
so ive re registered as manning11.
well actually i am a new user of biab2011.
and will have more comments shortly after
going thru the 77 biab styles sub dir's.
discovering loads of usefull styles.

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
re 77 styles folders in bb dir.
Its taken me time but ive worked my way gradually thru all
The 77 style sub folders within the bb dir.
Listening to each style within each folder.
Once again I didn’t disturb or make changes to anything.
I just copied styles/examples I liked to my favs folder
And worked on em further in my own favs folder.
Ive found some gorgeous things as a result.
Happy me. Next up is to clik on all the biab files ..tons of em
At the end of all the biab dirs.
Its been one very interesting music journey..
Seeing what I might do with every style example.
I reckon over a few hundred new song ideas have resulted
in my favs folder.
rare for me as i'm a rocker , even thought up new ideas
in the jazz n samba n mambo n latin veins etc.
if Mr PG ever reads this...all i can say is youve made me ultra
happy. unfortunately i dont have lotsa music time right now
due to family stuff. just doing what i can in the odd hour.

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
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Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 193

I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your tips and found them inspirational. To be fair, I started copying them into a text file as you posted but never got around to actually reading them until today. I really like your way of thinking and I hope that you are still around and are willing to continue this great thread.

I am always open to other people's view on working with this great program. I have my own way of working as do many others but seeing different views can only broaden our horizons if we are willing to experiment.

Kudos to you for sharing your own thoughts. Please keep it up.

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Keebo #102582 04/28/11 08:53 AM
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
back at it.
(plese note , been away cos of family bereavment
n other family matters.)
i mentioned before that i have a seperate folder
for fav styles seperate from the bb foldr.
now the next step..
at the end of the bb folder without going
into any sub dir are column after column of bb styles
n examples in lots of music genres.

i'm currently up to "C" in the alphabet gradually
working alphabetically thru the styles
if i like a certain style or example once again i copy
it to my favs folder n muck about with it there.

tips 014
heres some further tips to try n experiment with.
lots of things are in key C.
at first listen on clicking with mouse , you might go
hmm.."cheesy" if you dont have a ton of outboard gear.
BUT WAIT..!! before you discard that style.
or example...and this has happened many times to me.
copy it to your favs folder. then muckabout with it.
today i changed from C to a Gm n got something completely
diff after regeneration n putting in a bunch of chords.
2. changeing the cheese.
you hear this sound plonking away in an example or style, n
ya go ugh !!..cos your useing a el cheapo
sound chip in an old laptop.
thats not bb's fault.
n you cant afford a sonic cell or other fancy outboard midi gear
or a thousand quid synth n plug ins
so whaddya do ??
bring up a style..notice at top left in bb..
INSTRUMENT an instrument n change the patch n see
if something you like in the coyote selection.
you can also muck around in your daw once youve exported
the bb trak to your use a free plug in.
( music mag from uk has a slew of free instrument plug ins
each month. just make sure you use lean plug ins resource wise,
if your puter isnt a power monster.)
for example..n maybe youll hate the song..but at my motagator site..
notice the plonky daft sound behind my vocal talk on the squat song at
1min25secs ?? the original style i used was modified heavily,
and the original on board sound chip patch for that section i didnt like,
so i changed it..
to get that da da da da, da da da da motif...
behind the daft brit talky.
cos i cant afford uber expensive gear.
that sound came from the coyote n on board sound chip if i remember.
as i said maybe others might hate the sound , but i felt at
the time it fitted the daftness of the song.
so i made a quick decision.
3. eperiment withj real tracks.
this goes without saying.
as well as changeing midi patches of course you can also
experiment plug in with real instruments from bb.
eg i have real drums set as default..then i experiment with both real instruments n
midi alternate patches.
another thing to think about. n try.
you could drop two tracks of the same thing into your daw
from bb. one being midi that drives a plug in ,
and tother a real track ..
and then experiment with synergy between them.
for example you could audition several bass traks this way.
n see which you liked best.
drop one of bb's real bass players into your daw. as a track.
then drop the midi as another track n use a plug in kinda idea
n see which fits best.
IN hear a sound but dislike it...
experiment n change it. thats what i do.
a good example is tother day i brought up this old style country style..
prolly lots would discard it. i changed it completely to
a rockier approach. changed keys n chords, n midi patches n real traks ,
n it started to rock me. time you bring up a style n see that lonesome
C chord..change it , add chords..
n muckabout with tempo , beat it up, try different instrument patches n real tracks..
etc etc.
all good fun. lol.
more ideas/tips to come.

ps..keebo..cheers mate.

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
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Joined: Feb 2011
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Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
generating quikie endings.
lets say you want to build a lib of drum hits on their own and/or
instrument endings at different tempos for different styles.
or stops or whatever.
notice to the right of tempo in bb...
3 boxes.
bar for begin of chorus, bar for chorus end n no of choruses.
an example...
copy cha_Mod1 from bb dir to your favs folder.
make sure you have real drums as default.
set the 3 boxes to 1/1/1
dble clik on the c chord.
hear the ending ??
solo the drums if you just want real drums.
if you wish change the extreme right box of choruses to a 3.
once again dble clik on the c chord.
now try this..,.for variety.
at bar one c chord...
replace C with C followed by 2 full stops...
ie C.. <<enter
dble clik now on bar 1. c chord.
NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE ?? to the ending ??
now try C...<<enter
ie C with 3 full stops.
notice the difference ??
now lets get "winky"
enter in first 2 cels..
C.. to the right of 1a.
play..notice the diff ??
for example you could use the above ideas
n experiments for all sorts of drum shots n endings etc . right of tempo..set no of choruses to 3 ..
and bar for begin n end to 1.
now in first two cels..
enter>>^^C n Gm..
n generate...NOTICE THE DIFF ??
now try ^^C.. n Gm.. in first 2 cels ,
notice the diff ??
experiment..jolly good
experiment with pushes n shots n holds etc etc ..
its all in the manual.
now lets get winky again..
in the above example clik on intro,
n generate the intro cels..
then solo the drums n load up a nashville.
see that first C2 cel ??
lets bonk around with it..
enter C...
hear the diff ??
load up different real drums n experiment.
lastly notice the last cel where it says end ??
try eg ^^C n listen to the drums on ownsome.
when i regenerated here i got a smoking final drum
short solo.
tips 016
changeing the cheese.
you dont have 10k synths n ya dont have expensive plug ins
out the ying yangs..,
just that crummy on board sound chip to use with bb.
so ya gotta work wit wot ya got..right ??
cos yer poor like
bring up that cha_mod1 again...
i chose the cha cha for the
enter in first 4 bars..
C/G/bflat/C twice n generate.
sounds cheesy right ??
(tempo is 135)
for this short test.
load in rockhardmodernev1 real drums.
n generate.
now its starting to ROCK.
now lets replace the midi bass.
load in a real trak bass..
try various n mix n notice the diff ?? starting to like that C/G/bflat/C
experiment now with on the non real traks
ie .denoted by YELLOW ie midi...
both changeing the instrument patch for midi OR
loading in a real trak...
useing that C/G/Bflat/C short progression n looping etc.
in this example ive ended up with a rockier result.
another idea is to put the cheesier stuff more down at
the back of the mix.
(for example on my song noradioplay..
my quikie first biab song (no 9 song on motagator player),
the acoustic gtr is down to one side.)

so we started off with a cha
n if youve done it right.. rocked it up.
the key to changeing the cheese is to find either a better sounding
midi instrument patch (top left) that fits the song better
and/or useing a real trak instead n mixing n matching.
and/or loading in a freebie plug in in your daw
once youve imported the bb midi traks.
i like edam

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
tips017.loving that edam.
example..getting something interesting out of nothing.
n bread n
copy CR_SARAH to yer muckabouts folder.
(right clik over bb icon n copy,
then right clik to paste copy in muckabouts folder.)
bring up CR_SARAH.
its bpm is 90.
its just showing just a lonely c chord.
and your looking at it..n playing it n going..hmm...
what do i do ??

youll see that our only limits are us..seriously...not bb.
lets see what we can do.
example...change to 8 bars.
change tempo to 177..!!
n load rd nashville drums even 8 6.
keep the c chord at bar1 but put in Gminor
at bar 4.
c at bar 5 n Gminor at bar 8..
starting to sound interesting ??
with some nice drum changes.
now load into an instrument slot thats spare..
a real instrument like guitar
starting to change things eh ??
now add another in a spare slot.
export the traks to your daw , add your own traks etc etc.
now come back to bb once again n change real instruments n midi patches
n export to new daw traks (not overwriting the ones ya already got.)
n see what ya come up with.
call the song SARAH
see what else you can do with it.
expand the 8 bars in your daw by copying n pasting traks etc etc.
for example export bb midi traks n plug in some
free vst plug in instruments.
see what ya can come up with.
lotsa fun..change my chords etc etc.
hope you get some nice stuff like i did.

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
Joined: Apr 2008
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Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 1,122
Great tips Manning...........

I'm gonna tuck em away to be file and organized (eventually) in my BIAB / Real Band tips book.



toucher #102586 06/02/11 07:33 AM
Post your own Tips and Tricks here
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
Joined: Feb 2011
Posts: 30
thanks toucher.
i'm working on more ideas and will post lots more
once i get some personal stuff outta the way.

retd puter engr.
daft songs at
(songs no 9 n higher use new biab2011.)
what is the black art of audio engineering ?.
all puters get obsolete in the
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