Yeah, that is a problem with high end stuff. They want to satisfy everybody so they give the user control over everything but that makes for a complex interface. Take just one grand piano in my Kurz. It's not just a basic piano patch, it's programed to have one slider control reverb, another slider control room ambience, a switch button brings in a string pad that can be controlled with yet another slider and the mod wheel controls a sort of eq DSP to brighten or darken the overall sound. That's just a factory default program for one piano but I can go in and reprogram every one of those elements and save it as as user patch. So, if I were to post a song with those sliders set where I think it sounds best someone else could listen to it and say what's that weird noise in the piano track? I think it's cool ambience or pad but he thinks it's noise. All you can do initially is listen to the basic patches with none of those controls being used and judge it by that knowing you can change stuff as you get used to it. Just like Peter did here. All these demos are using the basic GM patches and a potential user has to figure out the details later.

One very cool thing about my Kurz is I can repopulate the crap GM soundbank with my own GM bank using any of the 1,200 sounds. That could get interesting but consider Bob's Kurzweil GM soundbank would probably be completely different from Philly's Kurzweil GM soundbank so if we were to post the exact same song using our separate GM banks people would be even more confused than they are now. It would be a good demo for Kurzweil though.


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