Here's a new one and my first original as Patio Pete. It's a one take song and then added reverb, eq, compression, regression and stuff to make it LOUD. National Steel, harmonica in holder and the vocal stylings of Patio Pete. I'm beginning to like taking about myself in third person, maybe I'll do my own eulogy when the time comes - that would rock the house!

Your feedback is appreciated as I'm trying to hone this up for a show on June 2nd.

I didn't use any BIAB files in this , but have used BIAB and the BIAB forums to develop my musicianship. I have used BIAB since the late 1980's.

Patio Pete

Come on little Darlin' let me give you a treat
Come on down with ole' Patio Pete
Down to the river, down where the water flows
You can pack up your cares and let your troubles go

You say you ain't got a nickle, ain't got a dime
Don't matter baby , you can have a good time
Down on the river , down at the Hidden Bay
We gonna throw a party and rock the night away


So long baby , now it's time for me to go
I sure hope that you enjoyed my show
Time to say goodbye now to ole' Patio Pete
But I sure hope I see you here next week.

music out
Pete Gallatin