You are so close to perfect with the big lyrics page, but consider this; the chords should go OVER the word the change occurs on, NOT IN FRONT OF IT. This would make reading SOOOO much easier. AND, if you could edit the page (like you can in notation), in the chord box that shows up, you could add stuff like "harmony" "guitar lead" "keyboard lead" etc. in the boxes where no words occur. Also, please stop the last line of each verse from scrolling off the page, as this is really hard to follow.

If you want to have hundreds of songs for live performances (which we do), it is impossible to remember all of the arrangements, which is essential for midi file use, this would solve that age old problem. Too often you have a request for a song you haven't played in months, and getting the arrangement right is critical.

I currently have four three ring binder books I haul arouind, and if I cound get a program to eliminate them, it would allow for a far better performance. I believe all live performing musicians that use music are in this same boat.

In addition to using big lyrics for songs which do not require reading music, I want to use the lead sheet for when I do need to read a music line. When you are on the lead sheet, which I also want to use live, it runs the words together. You need an app to run (like the chord wizard does for chords) that will space notes to spread the words for clean reading.

My lead sheet also doesn't go all the way to the right margin, even when it is set to the maximum of "2".

One last request, you need to be able to write words into the "rests" bars in notation (under the rests), so in the lead sheet you can have "guitar lead" etc. Thanks, and what do other people on this forum think about this?