Hello, folks !

I felt I had to present my good friend Tim Waurick
for you if you did not already know about him ?
Tim is a barbershopper and not any Joe barbershopper you might
run into ! He sings in a world champion quartet named Vocal Spectrum
and is also a member of the world champion chorus Ambassadors of Harmony !
On this video of Vocal Spectrum singing Good Vibrations by The BB:s
he is the guy singing the super high tenor pitch.


I have had the honour of singing quartet together with him when on tour over here in Helsinki a couple of years ago ! He is not really from this planet as he has an unusual vocal range (he can sing 9 octaves, as he demonstrates for you on the Utube) making him the foremost learning track singer for any male or female vocal genré ! In fact he sings most of the BHS (Barbershop Harmony Society´s ) learning tracks ! Lately he has sung a cappella with himself and also made two absolutely stunning records which can be bought over the net (as mp3s or as CD:s) ! There are many guys that can sing multiple voices with themselves, but I have not heard anyone quite like Tim nowhere yet ! Here is a demo from his latest record Higher:

Ladies and Gents:

All Rise



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