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#209024 - 07/08/13 09:55 AM [User Showcase] First attempt
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Blorg Offline

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Hi Everyone,

I've been watching this forum for several months now with great interest. I'm finally working up the courage to post some of my own work on here...

This first song is actually quite old. I wrote it waaaaaay back when I was in my late teens and full of all kinds of teenagery angst. :-)

About 10 years ago (!) I discovered Band in a Box for the first time, and tried it out by doing this remake of the song.

I don't remember the settings I used and the files are long gone, as that was a few computers ago. I do know that it's all BIAB running on a Motorola Starmax Mac clone, Roland VSC sounds. Except the vocals and trumpet. Those are me. And I apparently really liked playing with the digital delay. :-) I think I rendered everything to .aiff files and did the mixing and live tracks in Micrologic.

If I still had the files, I'd try to improve the mix for sure, and maybe see what the newest BIAB could do with it, but at this point it is what it is. I'd rather work on new stuff!

I'm not sure what I'm looking for in terms of criticism, since this is such an old track. That said, I'm always looking to learn something and I have a lot of respect for what I've read and listened to on this board. I guess I'm mostly putting it out here as an introduction to me, though. And because I still like the tune, flaws and all. Hope you like it too... :-)

Get Out

Guess you figured saying is beleiving
But I'm telling you that that ain't true
You say you need your freedom
But you trap yourself in your lies

You say you want what's best for me
Then you turn around and stab me in the back
Well I ask you, girl
Is this right?
Is this the way you want things to be?

You can not give me an answer
So I draw my own conclusions
And I'm gonna tell you something
That I never told noone before

I want you out of my life
Don't you show your face again
Stay away

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#209036 - 07/08/13 11:00 AM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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Hi Blorg,

Mega-congratulations on getting the first post up and happening! It's great to have you jumping on board smile

Gosh you've got a great tone on your trumpet. I could listen to you play all day. I'm very impressed with the midi sounds and the way you've used them. You really managed to make them sound awesome. As the song progressed, your arrangement really pulled me into it. Very nicely done!

All the best,

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#209037 - 07/08/13 11:01 AM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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Pat Marr Offline

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Hi Blorg,

this reminds me of Tom Petty in places. In other places it reminds me of Paul Revere and the Raiders

I basically like the song a lot.. its fun and interesting. I like the various ditties you threw in to give it variance

Too bad the original files are long gone because the mix doesn't compare favorably to what the other forum members are doing. Without the files you can't change any of that. But, all of that is learnable. That's a secondary skill. The song itself is quite impressive to me.

I'd really like to hear you reconstruct it so you can remix. BIAB and RB make that less of an ordeal than it might have been in a conventional DAW

all in all a very nice first submission!

whoah! Just noticed that the trumpet is you! Tres cool! I like it a lot! More of that, please...!

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Edit Reason: just noticed the trumpet was played live
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#209053 - 07/08/13 01:03 PM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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seeker Offline

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Wow on the trumpet, it really adds something special and unexpected
to the song.

Realtracks, with Trumpet sounds like that you Create your own

Great job on the Trumpet recording part of the music.

This does have the "older" flavor, but as mentioned above it
draws you in.

If YA got the $$ upgrades hopefully out this month. With
your talent and new tools. Who knows.

Thanks for your "First" music posting.

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#209062 - 07/08/13 02:52 PM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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Danny C. Offline

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My congrats also on getting the 1st one posted. Most of what I am thinking has already been said, especially regarding the trumpet and arrangement.

Very cool listen, looking forward to more.

Danny C.

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#209095 - 07/08/13 10:07 PM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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cubanpete Offline

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Hi Blorg, welcome to the forum. Your trumpet playing is superb, and the song overall is pretty good too. I hope you keep'em coming!

Mike B.
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#209116 - 07/09/13 06:43 AM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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boehm Offline

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Hi Blorg,

welcome to the forum.
I like that trumpet.

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#209130 - 07/09/13 09:16 AM [User Showcase] Re: First attempt [Re: Blorg]
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Blorg Offline

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Thanks everyone for your kind words!! Wow!

I've edited the original post to add lyrics as requested.

I really appreciate all the comments on the trumpet playing. I'm actually a classically trained trumpeter, and make my living with that. This song was one of my very first attempts at improvisation.

I decided a while back to make it a project this summer to really work on my trumpet improv skills, so I imagine I'll be doing quite a bit with that in the coming months. That is, in fact, how I justified to myself the expense of upgrading BIAB. I now have 2013 UltraPlus, so I've got all kinds of new features to learn and play with. :-D

I was quite apprehensive about posting my music here, but you've all been so nice, I expect I'll be much more comfortable uploading new music as I create it.


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