Am still in the early days of all this - have BB on Android (not just remote version.) I want to create simple backing tracks and have them on my tablet to use offline for my music students to improvise along to. I have now downloaded BB tracks successfully off server, hurrah.

Now, I want to download some more tracks. Android App comes up with an error message (after 'updating file list' bar)which says 'Style is not found_BLSHUFF.STY' and does not let me download anything. As I am just experimenting at this stage I delete all the files in the BB2Go folder and create another track as a test - Latin style. I export it as wm4 to the BBC2GO folder; that is the only one in there now. So why is it when I try to download that track onto Android it says it is 'uploading song - 1 of 7...?! There is only 1 track in the BBC2GO folder so it can;t upload 7! Because of the error message I can;t upload the one Latin track that I really want!

Would be grateful for any help