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(Upon reading the forum stipulations again, I may be in the wrong place, with the absence of "Band-in-a-box" production or something, is this post still welcome?)

Hey people,

First post here, a little bit about me first, I'm a 23 year old from Australia, I wouldn't call my myself a musician due to no formal training, but still I'm no amateur, being comfortable with a variety of instruments (or music to say the least, different instruments play the same notes, just need a different technique to express em hey ^^) Strings and keys being my favorite.

This year I experimented with some recordings using an outdated GarageBand on a super old Mac, the quality isn't the best seeing as I didn't even have a real microphone (using the in-built microphone on the Mac) lends to some static fuzz. I used the electronic drum loops from Apple Loops as accompaniment to my multi-tracked recordings of bass, guitar, vocals and other instruments (Didgeridoo and Sitar can be found on a couple tracks.. I didn't use many effects aside from a few "double-filter" effects on a few vocal and guitar tracks, everything else is quite raw, not being so tech-savvy on the production side of things and just kind of winging it.

My tracks can be found here:

All songs are written, played, recorded and produced by Myself.

My personal favorite tracks are;
Strange Times
Boogie Down

Not sure if my post is on topic for the board, anyways, please have a listen and enjoy!

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