Hello folks,

Would be nice to have a way to see at a glance all the names of all the tracks in the mixer, an overview without having to use the mouse to hover over something. Well I know that the name of the track is written vertically on the track strip, but who wants to have to turn their head almost 90% to see that, this is a terrible layout.

I know if you hover the mouse over the track number you can see the name of the instrument on the track, but I feel we should be able to see all the track names and whats being generated on them just by having a glance at the mixer, simple things like guitar 1, or guitrar 2 would do.

I know that you can rename a track in the tracks window and that will be reflected in mixer, but still there has to be a better way to view all the track names in the mixer window.

Maybe a solution would be where the track numbers appears in mixer to be able to add text in there.


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