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#273280 - 12/08/14 08:40 AM [User Showcase] O Holy Night
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horsthartung Offline

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I took a midi file and added my guitar and vocals of my wife Sharon and myself the we added this to our Christmas album.
Horst Hartung

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#273289 - 12/08/14 09:32 AM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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Christmas carols have been around for so long, its hard to think up some new observation to make.. especially when the adaptation is fairly consistent with the traditional version... and this is.

As far as your additions to the song, I liked the harmony and the dynamics in the singing!

You mention that you started with a MIDI file, but you didn't say whether you edited it any. Either case, it sounded pretty good. I am totally envious that you have a beautiful wife who also enjoys and shares in your musical enthusiasm! That is the best gift of all!

Thanks for continuing to share your music with us!

#273449 - 12/08/14 10:09 PM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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RichMac Offline

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Good one! Lovely old song. Cheers.

#273470 - 12/09/14 04:16 AM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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Scott C Offline

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Very nice version . Well done
Scott Collingwood

#273474 - 12/09/14 04:35 AM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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Guitarhacker Offline

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Nice version. And yes, the harmonies sounded really nice.

One of my favorite christmas songs.

Several years back I attended a church where I would occasionally perform "special music" in the services. There was a lady there who was a freaking amazing singer. She was the kind of person who was so unsure of herself, even when it came to her singing ability that was second to no one I have ever met. The kind of singer, who, upon hearing her sing, would give you chills just hearing her sing. She & I became friends and performed a few times together..... she joked that is was her singing with Willie Nelson. Sometimes those strange musical relationships work out...and this one did. When the Christmas musical came around Judy decided to sing this song.... Oh Holy Night. She did not want a piano to back her, instead she approached me asking for guitar, which I was glad to provide. Her, singing to acoustic guitar. I encouraged her to go for the "high note" there towards the end..... "Oh night.... divine"..... pause for total silence and then resume the song to the end.... I told her don't worry about me... I'll be there on guitar when I'm supposed to be. (she had a bad sense of musical timing) She went for and successfully hit that note dead on..... I had chills as her note ended, even though we had rehearsed this multiple times before..... total stunned silence in the sanctuary for several seconds when we finished..... then the applause broke loose.... all that to say, you guys picked an awesome song and did it justice. One of my favorites.
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#273479 - 12/09/14 04:58 AM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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Charlie Fogle Online   content

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Great job on this. This will likely make a lot of Christmas playlists. Excellent.

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#274597 - 12/14/14 05:12 PM [User Showcase] Re: O Holy Night [Re: horsthartung]
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Jim Fogle Offline

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You and your wife sound good together.

You didn't mention what midi sound sources you used. They match the arrangement well.

Merry Christmas
Jim Fogle
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