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#315448 - 10/22/15 01:32 PM [PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist] Solo Mode
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1. QWERTY key for Solo Mode (like the forward slash in Sonar) or at least put the Solo Button in the Transport or MIDI windows so it can be accessed when the Tracks view is minimized or covered by other windows.

2. Make the Event List like it was in v.12. There you could use the + and - keypad keys to change the time, note, velocity, and gate time values. When using +/- you could see the values changing. Now you get "+++" or "---" and have to "Enter" to see the result. If +/- is used in the last column, it goes to a value of 24.

Also, when you go to the last column of the Event List, the first column becomes hidden so you can't see your selection range.

#317759 - 11/09/15 01:26 AM [PowerTracks Pro Audio Wishlist] Re: Solo Mode [Re: orchplus]
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A similar muck up was made of the Classic Tracks Window in RealBand where you can no longer use the + and - keys to change data in the various columns such as to Audition sounds provided by a synth in quick succession. Now you have to enter each Program, MSB and/or LSB separately. Very very slow. I can see no obvious reason why a long standing feature should be retrograded in this way.

I noted this during Beta Testing last year and Emailed PGMusic. I received a reply which agreed with my comments, but have heard nothing since. Maybe the muck up will be reversed in the next update.


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