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#318612 - 11/14/15 11:06 AM [User Showcase] New Instrumental Collage: Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love)
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DavidL Offline

Registered: 07/04/08
Posts: 31
Loc: Gatineau, QC, Canada
Hi there! smile

I recently finished my instrumental collage about unrequited love : Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love). You know when you're single, the story goes: meet someone new (new prospect), get to know them, really really like them and dare hope it might work but after a while you realize it's not gonna happen. So that disappointment was the inspiration.

It's basically an instrumental hip-hop piece so it needs to be played on speakers/headphones that can reproduce bass otherwise it's really lacking. You've been warned. wink

Thanks for listening. smile

Key=Dm , Tempo 75, Length (m:s)=5:29
4 bar intro, 32 bar chorus, from bar 5 to bar 36. Repeat x3 choruses

RealTracks in song:
542:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dreamy Ev 085
366:Bass, Electric, Country Ev 065
STYs in song:
~SWONDER.STY plays a Kontakt electric piano with some slap back echo
#JZ_HOP4.STY plays the Motif XS Breakbeat drum kit
generated by Melodist and plays an Ableton Live! Suite Flute
Chord progression:
generated by Melodist

Mixed in Ableton Live!
Mastered by LANDR

Edited by DavidL (11/14/15 11:39 AM)
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#318622 - 11/14/15 12:54 PM [User Showcase] Re: New Instrumental Collage: Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love) [Re: DavidL]
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RichMac Offline

Registered: 05/23/10
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Loc: New Zealand
Enjoyed it all and particularly the flute. Nice sad unsettled feel. Cheers.

Edited by RichMac (11/14/15 12:54 PM)

#318627 - 11/14/15 01:07 PM [User Showcase] Re: New Instrumental Collage: Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love) [Re: DavidL]
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Greg Johnson Offline

Registered: 12/21/13
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Loc: Davis, CA
I don't consider myself a Hip-hop fan but I like this!! Very cool melody and great instrument selection. EP sounds killer. Very nice tune! Take care. Greg

#318643 - 11/14/15 02:38 PM [User Showcase] Re: New Instrumental Collage: Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love) [Re: DavidL]
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SRP Offline

Registered: 05/16/15
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Loc: Chattanooga, TN
Very nice tune and I could feel the sadness and disappointment coming through. Maybe the next time that we get to hear a song from you things will be different and it will be a song of joy and happiness.

#318653 - 11/14/15 03:52 PM [User Showcase] Re: New Instrumental Collage: Espoir déchu (Unrequited Love) [Re: DavidL]
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Al-David Offline

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You did a nice job of conveying the sadness the subject if the sing was feeling. Nicely dine!

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