Now that my issues with BIAB for iOS song loading have been resolved I'm using my iPhone to play backing tracks on the gig, but now have another ugly issue that has arisen: controlling the volume. I had set the volume on all my backing tracks to the default 90 before creating the audio files that the phone app plays, but the final result is that the tracks vary in volume. I can't tell what I'm in for until the track starts playing, at which time I would have to take my hands from the guitar to adjust the volume on mixer...not cool. I got an AirTurn bluetooth foot pedal for this purpose (after emailing the company with the question of whether this would work, and them telling me it would) but it turned out that it didn't work after all. After another couple of emails, AirTurn admitted they were wrong and the only way it would work is if there was a specific app written as an interface between the iPhone BIAB app and the AirTurn. I've experimented with using a physical volume pedal (an Ernie Ball Jr.), but that proves really tough to get right on the fly. Just wondering if anyone out there has encountered this same issue and found a suitable solution.