Until/if MultiRiffs are put into band in a box I think the easiest way at the moment is:

  • create your song in band in a box and save.
  • open real band - Options - Preferences - Song Generation - uncheck Generate Song when SGU is opened.
  • open my song.SGU in real band.
  • in band in a box mute the soloist track and drag the Master via DROP station WAV out into real band on to the track number.
  • if your Soloist track in band in a box is close to right but just needs some sections re-done, disable any FX and turn Reverb off, solo it and drag out via DROP station WAV into real band on to a new track number (if you need RealCharts drag the Soloist out as above but to MID, in real band you can copy and paste the newly generated RealCharts midi section from the RC track to the original overwriting the old section only, just enable RealCharts first), choose snap to beat and highlight beats or bars then on your original Soloist track choose Generate - Multiriff and select the same instrument, uncheck Allow riffs to start earlier... You can create a destructive fade - right click Audio Effects - Gain Change (or in band in a box non destructive fade with F5 fade).
  • for a new Soloist select a new track in real band and highlight the beats or bars choose Generate - Multiriff and select your instrument (enable RealCharts if you would like the notation/tab).
  • highlight the whole track and drag the multiriff Soloist track number out via the DROP station WAV to the saved my song.sgu folder.
  • rename the Soloist multiriff, my song.WAV or my song Soloist.WAV or my song Melody.WAV or my song Strings.WAV also Bass Drums Piano Guitar.
  • in band in a box re-open my song.sgu, you should have your multiriff track.
  • you should also be able to import the RealChart multiriff from real band just highlight the whole track and drag the track number out via drop station mid - now in band in a box - Open - Import - Import Soloist from Midi file - select all channels as guitar tabs use 11-16.
  • in the Audio menu you can Move Audio to Performance Tracks and Performance to Audio this will let you edit any of the audio Performance tracks, for example you can move the Soloist Artist Performance track to the audio track, edit it and move it back. You can use F5 for fades mutes volume.

Hope that helps.