I posted this song several weeks back - actually just a very rough-draft YouTube demo. One of my subscribers encouraged me to go back and re-sing the song, saying I should just "try harder." So here it is with me trying harder. I'll post the BIAB styles I used here in a follow-up email. My wife has the laptop, and I can't open the tunes in BIAB to see which styles were used. There are 3 instances of me layering guitars on this one - some flangy clean guitar and some overdriven rhythm and leads (all a Modern Player's Telecaster through a Boss ME-80). I mixed all the BIAB wave tracks and other tracks in Logic Pro Audio X - a program I just purchased less than a week ago. It's an amazing, feature-rich package - but fairly easy to learn. I'm still not happy with my singing, but the BIAB tracks (about 80% of the song) are a dream to work with. So much fun this one . . . for a sad song. https://www.reverbnation.com/tonyleeglenn/song/25932734-relic-tonys-remix