PowerTracks Pro Audio build 5 is available:

Download PowerTracks 2016 build 5

Summary of Changes since Version 2016 build 4

  • FIXED - Importing a WAV file removed all track categories.
  • FIXED - Selecting Note Names: Channel Numbers in Notation Window Options shows numbers on the notes heads, but they don't correspond to MIDI channels at all.
  • FIXED - Triplets not written to XML file correctly if a triplet began with a rest.
  • FIXED - Some XML files, saved by certain programs, were getting access violations when loaded into RB
  • FIXED - Loading in a BB song, such as SGU or MGU, might result in an access violation due to an inconsistency in the type/size of strings stored in the song structure.
  • FIXED - When entering chords in the chords window, and it scrolls to new row during entering, the screen redraw/entering may not work correctly (current bar may jump to top row and redrawing temporarily messed up).
  • FIXED - Changing a part marker in a song when the song is scrolled to the 2nd page of the chords window might result in the window jumping back to the beginning of the song.
  • FIXED - Duration and snap-to settings in the Piano Roll Window weren't always (or usually) sticking, if you closed and reopened the window.
  • FIXED - Access violation for paste with data filter and ctrl-7.
  • FIXED - In Chords Window, entering a chord on beat 3 of a 3/4 bar caused the 1st beat of next bar to be erased.

Summary of Changes since Version 2016 build 3

  • Fixed: Users who don't have Band-in-a-Box were seeing some unnecessary dialogs regarding folder locations. Users can now prevent the "okay to review" question as well as the folders dialog from appearing at start-up.
  • Fixed: Lyrics from a .KAR file not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed: An issue in which the program might still freeze on exit if play wasn't pressed, GS Wavetable was the current synth, and ASIO4all was used.
  • Fixed: Errors referring to FP32.exe / File-Open dialogs might not support newer file formats.
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