The "Fretless bass" UT sets all together, now more versatile than ever. Comes in three tempos, each with its own 'flavour' while still quite interchangeable which gives you a total range from around 45bpm to 190bpm. More than three hours of playback data, all in uncompressed WAV format at over 1 GB total!*

To give a sense of just a few of its countless possibilities, here are a few demos for your enjoyment:

Bass fretless 060
Playing standard Bossa slow - HERE
And now for the same set featured in a rock-ballad context (featuring Zane guitar) - HERE

Bass fretless 120
Playing standard Bossa medium - HERE
And the same set doing something completely different, country (pedal steel & all crazy) - HERE

Bass fretless 160
Playing standard Bossa fast (all-electric band) - HERE
And the same set but now in a vintage Motown setup - HERE

Just a buck each, or Grab them ALL IN A "3-FOR-2" BUNDLE!, just PM me for details laugh

*see attached screenshot

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