Hey all!

Here are a couple tricks to get low latency MIDI recording in your Windows system.

1. Install ASIO4ALL:

Go to http://asio4all.com/
Click ASIO4ALL2.10 English to download it, then run it to install it

2. Install LoopBe1:

Go to http://nerds.de/en/download.html
Click Download setuploopbe1.exe (989 Kb) version 1.6 at the bottom of the page then run it to install it

3i. To configure Band in a Box to use ASIO4ALL:

Open Band in a Box, click Options > MIDI Audio Driver Setup
Select LoopBe1 Virtual Output as your MIDI Output Driver.
Ensure "Use VST/DXi Synth" is checked and the CoyoteWT is selected as your default synth.
Click OK to close this window.
Close and Re-Open Band-in-a-Box.

Click Opt > MIDI Audio Driver Setup again, then click Audio settings on the bottom right.
Change Audio Driver Type to ASIO, and select ASIO4ALL v2 as your driver
Click the ASIO Driver Control Panel, click the wrench to enable advanced view, click the [+] to expand your device, and make sure that all relevant items are 'powered on' (the power icon is to the left of the play icon, to the left of each device name).
Click OK on everything, click Play to make sure you have sound and test recording.

If you still have latency, you can play with the buffer size in your ASIO Control Panel settings.

3ii. To configure RealBand to use ASIO4ALL:

Click Options > Preferences > 6 - MIDI tab > MIDI Devices
Ensure that "Microsoft GS Wavetable" is not selected as a MIDI Output Driver.
Ensure that "Reroute to default VST DXi Synth" is checked, and that
"Default VST/DXi Synth" is set to something other than "None", like "CoyoteWT".
Click OK on this window, and click Yes if it asks anything like "You didn't select a ___ driver, OK to continue?".
Click on the 2-Audio tab, select ASIO as your Audio Driver Type, select ASIO4ALL v2 and check the settings as in the Band in a Box setup instructions above

That should do it! If you're having any further trouble please give PG Music technical support a call at 1-866-983-2474 or email them at support@pgmusic.com.

Alyssa - PG Music