hmmm.. solos sounded like the players had had a heavy night and were missing notes so I've uploaded a version with improved solist attitudes. Actually the problems may be a software glitch or just the user was too tired to listen properly at 11:50pm and hurrying to submit it for the contest. I left the first entry there just so as I wasn't accused of making a late entry.

I composed this bluesey jazz funk piece a while ago but just arranged it with Band-in-a-Box using FunkSaxStyle for the Xtra Styles competition. This is only recorded with Band-in-a-Box, no other software, app, instruments or mixing used.

The piece is the first I wrote on Lee Michel's piano when I was staying in Melbourne, 1800 kms away from my own. At a party after I played his white Yami grand for a couple of hours, he came up to me and offered me the key to his house so I call in to play it any time I wanted. He loved to help musicians and be around them to share the music.

The tracks used are those offered in the funksax style although the solo track has a change:
2062 Bass, electric, funk swing16
2622 Organ, rhythm, funk swing16
RealDrums= funky swing16
2621 Guitar, swing16 electric, wah
Soloists: 2nd verse 1069 trumpet 3rd verse 1063 tenor
Melody was Harmony 104 Flugelhorn & tenor

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