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#177476 - 10/28/12 05:15 PM [User Showcase] New Song..."Leaving Home"
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Registered: 12/29/10
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I was playing around in the BIAB sandbox and found a style called "_POPVANC" with a real nice, wistful solo piano. I liked the reminded me of, well wistfulness--if that's a word!

So I tentatively titled my song "Leaving Home", as in making a break from one's family or relationship.

But, like often happens, in the middle of refining the lyrics, my idea about the title took a slight turn, and got me to a completely different--and very cool--idea.

I've been posting messages in the RealBand discussion about why I cannot get rid of the "clicks" along all the points where I can cut/pasted the piano RT generations..I've used the "consolidate audio", but it doesn't seem to do anything. Any suggestions along those lines would be appreciated.

Leaving Home

I open doors and walk down halls
No more pictures on the walls
Just a cleared-out lonely place
Full of empty-echoing space

There's where all our children played
Here our toughest choices made
Up the stair our closest times
On the porch our summer wines.

You and I, we go back a long, long ways
You've been witness to our family's greatest days
And you helped me bear my hardest cross
Here, just you and I, in my deepest loss

With this final look around
I'm seeing memories, hearing sounds
So goodbye, good home, my friend
I don't think we'll ever meet again

Life is in its quick retreat
I've a new home now to meet
Farewell my good home, farewell.

#177477 - 10/28/12 08:16 PM [User Showcase] Re: New Song..."Leaving Home" [Re: Tano Music]
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Very nice!

Great vocal and outstanding lyrics.
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