Hi All

I am going to post this as a separate subject in case someone needs to find this.

I have spent the better part of the last week trying to understand why BIAB playback using non-realtracks through the DLS played only one sound, and that I could not change the patches regardless. I could not even get the sounds to play in the stylemaker.

I am quite literate in recording software, and was stumped. I had loaded it on both my Macbook Air as well as on my iMac (both running Sierra).

I wanted to show these glitches to my progammer son, so I pulled out my Macbook to show him the glitch. But, to my surprise, it worked flawlessly on my Macbook. (I had been working all week on my imac)

I then went and uninstalled the BIAB and all of its files from my iMac, and reinstalled.

All now work as designed.

I cannot explain this, but I want to let others know to try this if all else fails for them. I just wish I had thought of it 20+ hours of work ago.

All's well that ends well.