Build 4 is available for RealBand Version 2017

Download the build 4 update

Note: There was a Build 5 beta update available for a few days that caused a RealTracks generation problem if Options --> Preferences --> Audio --> [Drivers] --> [Output Always On] was selected. If you have build 5, fix it by either (re)installing the build 4 patch, or installing the Build 6 patch posted on March 27.

This is a cumulative update, that works from any previous 2017 build.

Summary of Changes for Build 4 (Feb 20, 2017)

  • FIXED - Program title was changed to 'file converter' if a conversion needed to be done such as after recording (this affected the title shown when alt-tabbing or hovering over the icon on the task bar, etc.).
  • FIXED - Spurious warning about rebuilding style picker when not needed has been removed.
  • FIXED - FX button now correctly turns blue if MIDI track is actually using a VSTi or DXi synth.
  • FIXED - the choose note dialog in Notation Window had garbled text.
  • FIXED - saving to XML would result in the timing being wrong, if the song's PPQ was not 120.
  • FIXED - when drawing a slur in the situation of notes being extremely close together, program could potentially slow down or freeze.
  • FIXED - a few miscellaneous minor localization and help-topic link issues

Summary of Changes for Build 3 (Dec 9, 2016)

  • FIXED - Issue with the program freezing when non-realtime transposing a song with audio, or when doing a non-realtime time stretch or pitch shift on a track.
  • UPDATED - Help files, manuals, tip files.

Summary of Changes for Build 2 (Dec 7, 2016)

  • ADDED - RealScore and BigBand added to the Staff Options Chord Font selection combo box.
  • ADDED - in note edit dialog, forced accidentals and note types (invisible, bend, hammer on, pull off, etc.) are now easier to select via listboxes that are always visible, rather than pull down combos.
  • ADDED - Quarter Step checkbox in note edit dialog shown when the current note type is Bend.
  • FIXED - when running Build 1 for the first time without any RB.CFG present, the Lead Sheet would display the stave lines extremely close together, unless Print Preview was visited at least once after running it for the first time.
  • FIXED - when printing, or displaying just just the bass clef (no tab) in leadsheet, the note numbers were drawn above the clef which was interfering with chords symbols.
  • ADDED - new setting adjust the vertical height of Bar Numbers in the Print Options dialog.
  • ADDED - when saving notation to a jpg, in Print Preview, width and height settings are remembered.
  • ADDED - checkbox to keep the ratio the same when changing width or height in Print Preview, and when saving to a jpg
  • FIXED - In Staff Roll mode, the staff window wasn't showing notes that are at the start of a row.

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