There seems to be a "National Day" for almost everything now... for instance, today is National Crayon Day!

Did you know that you can change the color scheme within Band-in-a-Box®? The program installs with an easy to view color combination that is customizable when you visit Band-in-a-Box | Preferences | Display Options from within the program. Check it out!

TIP: If you're happy with the color scheme you've created (and may even want to share it with others), click the [Save Scheme] button and enter a name for your new scheme - it will be saved as a .CSC file in your BB | Data folder.

You can also access additional Chord Display settings (font, color, layers, etc.) by clicking on the [Chord Display] button on the toolbar!

(It's not quite the same as coloring with crayons, but crayons are permanent and we don't recommend coloring your computer monitor!) wink
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