1) When I drag drop the track to render to audio, it always puts SingleRender_DragDrop in the filename that I later remove so that the file name is not so long when put into the DAW. I've searched around for a setting for file name structure, but don't see one anywhere. It's not a big deal to manually remove this text, but if there is a setting to eliminate this, it would be nice.

2) Under the .WAV dropdown icon where it says "Render track to audio (AIFF, M4A, WAV) with Options)" there are checkboxes for "Include Apple Loop..." and "Include ACID..." I am assuming if these are checked, this means they are Acidified / Apple Looped when rendered, so that any further time stretching in the DAW will improve sound quality?

3) If so, do having these boxes checked ALSO apply the Acid/Apple Loopify when you drag from the top menu to the Drop zone?

4) Does this in any way negatively affect the Elastique used in the RealTrack? (i.e. too much over processing)

Thank you!