Following are the demo files for the Xtra Styles PAK 3 we've just released! There are 160 new RealStyles in Rock-Pop, Jazz, Country, and Americana styles.

Note: The Xtra Styles use RealTracks from the Band-in-a-Box® 2017 or higher UltraPlusPAK, EverythingPAK, or Audiophile Edition. A handful of these new RealStyles use RealTracks from the 2017 49-PAK.

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---------------Xtra Styles PAK 3: Rock-Pop 3 [Secrets Retro Hip Hop w Piano] [Tropic Laid-back Island Dance] [Verdant Slow Funky Euro Dance] [Soul and Funk Fusion w Clav] [Axioms Dancehall Beat w Organ] [Survive Alternative RnB w Synths] [Circuit Electro Soul w Horns] [Hustle Modern Disco w Elec Piano] [Holdin' On Disco Pop] [Magical Electro Pop with Strings] [Seafoam Modern Caribbean Pop] [Motune Motown w Modern Beat] [Wailing Motown w Sax Solo] [Exiled Modern Sync Pop w Strings] [Soul Hop Modern Soul w Soloist] [Bleacher Pep Squad w El Guitars] [Allure Swing-16 Pop w Heavy Beat] [Utopia Hawaiian Dance Pop] [Pacific Songwriter Eighths Pop] [Howl Now Modern Rock with Slide] [Condemn 12-8 Pop Ballad w Horns] [Pungent Funk Rock Swing w Clav] [Vortex '80s Rock w Pedal Steel] [Sunlight Pop Waltz w Harp] [Reverie Lush Pedal Steel Pop] [Vapor Breezy Funk and Cloud Rap] [Prickle Tex Mex 12-8 Ballad] [Reseda Bluesy Res Gtr Folk Rock] [Sternly Pedal Steel Hard Rock] [Bravado Hard Rock Country Boogie] [Grotto 12-string Hard Rock] [Feather Indie Blues Rock w Slide] [Bad Luck Acoustic Guitar Blues] [Renewed Double-Time Funky Pop] [Rebuilt Double-Time Pop w Sax] [Echoing Indie Synth Pop w Guitar] [Fables Folk Rock Swing] [Ocelot Latin Dance Pop w Guitar] [Rebels High-Energy Pop Rock] [Clamor Three-Guitar Blues Rock] [Feared Hip Hop Beat with Horn] [Sanctum Chillout Soul w Guitars] [Big Wave Modern Surf Pop w Synth] [Placid Reggae and Soul Fusion]

---------------Xtra Styles PAK 3: Country 3 [Trevino Nylon Guitar Boogie] [Frantic Double-Time Country Rock] [Chaotic Train Country Rock Solo] [Silken Lush Country Ballad] [Thuinn Slow Celtic Harp Waltz] [Heroic Modern Pedal Steel Ballad] [Fateful 12-8 Nylon Ctry Ballad] [Wagon 4-To-Bar Bluegrass] [Bonnet 4-To-Bar Bluegrass w Solo] [Bluest Acoustic Resonator Blues] [Reynosa Tex Mex Mariachi Waltz] [Mercado Tex Mex Accordion Waltz] [Outcast Alt Country Rock Ballad] [Orchard Boom Chicka Country] [Harp and Fingerstyle Boom Chick] [My Woes 12-8 Texas Blues] [Agonize Pedal Steel Ctry Blues] [Neon Blue Ev-8 Pedal Steel Blues] [Saunter Half-Time Country Boogie] [Swagger Organ Country Rock] [Beseech Organ Country Ballad] [Bravely Country Pop Solo Ballad] [Outrage Resonator Country Rock] [Fervent Bluegrass Tom Groove] [Fjords Bouncy Country Shuffle] [Cuckoo Multi-Drum Bluegrass Plka] [Daddy-O Half-Time Boom Chicka] [Whiskey Pedal Steel Blues Boogie] [Malted Bluesy Boogie Rhythm] [Lantern Fast Dreamy PS Country] [Pariah Soft Acoustic Country Pop] [Musing Fingerstyle Western Folk] [Figment Western Folk w Res Solo] [Starlet Slow Modern Country Pop] [Elation Modern Country Rock] [Old Days Rootsy Country Rock] [Passion Hit Country Pop Ballad] Memoir Funky Country Pop w Organ] [Suitor Double-Time Honky-Tonk] [Rosined Honky-Tonk w Fiddle Solo] [Solace Quarter-Feel Country] [Forgive Country Quarters w Solo]

---------------Xtra Styles PAK 3: Jazz 3 [Unwind Bossa Soul w Guitar Solo] [Subtly Bossa Soul Rhythm Section] [Electro Bossa Soul w Guitar Solo] [Alleys Electro Bossa Soul Rhythm] [Jazz Big Band Lo-Fi Record] [Lo-Fi Jazz Record w Trumpet Solo] [Parade Double-Time Jazz Pop] [Romani Gypsy Jazz Quartet] [Manouche Jazz w Guitar Solo] [Organ and Flugelhorn Jazz Ballad] [Na Moda Jazz Funk w Bossa Horns] [Squeeze Smooth Jazz w Accordion] [Low-Key Jazz Ballad w Sax Melody] [Mahalo EZ Listening Island Jazz] [Gas Light Gypsy Accordion Combo] [Matanzas Muted-Trumpet Rumba Pop] [Canimar Rumba Pop Rhythm Section] [Home Run Funky Jazz Swing] [Double-Time Jazz Funk w Sax Solo] [Razzed Old-Time Jazz w Banjo] [Jazzed Old-Time Jazz w Trombone] [Smooth Jazz Waltz w Soprano Solo] [Fluidly Nylon Smooth Jazz Waltz] [Sincero Simple Bossa Big Band] [Miami Latin Funk w Held Horns] [Wynwood Latin Funk w Tres] [Hermosa 12-Key Guitar Cool Jazz] [Redondo Smooth Jazz w Trumpet] [Rooftop Jazz Funk w Soul Piano] [Meander Gypsy Rock 'n' Roll Razz] [Frigid Fast Cool Jazz w Trumpet] [Acidic Acid Jazz Hip Hop] [Icebox Fast Cool Jazz Rhythm] [Languid Jazz Chillout Beat] [Leisure Jazz Chillout w Sax Solo] [Torment RnB Jazz Ballad w Solo] [Crumble RnB Jazz Ballad Rhythm] [Below Zero 11-Horn Jazz Ballad] [Pop Fly Jazz Organ Shuffle] [Coaster Multi-Drum Jazz Pop] [Trapeze Jazz Pop w Flute Solo] [Dimmet Hawaiian EZ Jazz Waltz] [Gostoso Half-Time Bossa Funk

---------------Xtra Styles PAK 3: Americana 1 [Tragedy Down-tempo 12-8 Country] [Tumble Slow 16ths Alt Country] [Six-lane Alt Train Country] [Sparrow Country Rock with Slide] [Gumdrop Americana Country Pop] [Pistons Baritone Country Train] [Savior Slow-16ths Gospel Soul] [Specter Down-tempo 12-8 Soul] [Forlorn Even-8ths Soul w Horns] [Sermon Low-key Classic Soul] [Change Syncopated Soul Funk] [Resonator Old-Time Even-8 Blues] [Desires Funky Soul Pop] [Midtown Memphis Soul] [Gravel Rockin' Blues with Organ] [Seclude Dramatic Newgrass] [Rail Tie Baritone and Brushes] [Villain Resonator Southern Rock] [Ritual Deep Folk Groove] [Declare Folk Waltz with Trumpet] [Plateau Light Bluegrass Pop] [Mariner Modern Subdued Sw16 Folk] [Quickly Energetic Bluegrass] [Running Bluegrass Folk w Piano] [One Dance Fast Folk Waltz] [Slicked Boom-Chick Rock 'n' Roll] [Sauvage New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll] [Tsunami Baritone Surf Rock] [Balboa Rockabilly Jazz Swing] [Hush Up Minimal Rockabilly Swing] [Oddball Gypsy Swing with Organ]

For .wma demos of the previously released Xtra Styles PAKs 1 & 2, check out:

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