A "no bass" version of my earlier Accordion 'Irish' set (see Here). From the Memo:

A rich sounding accordion playing a bouncy rhythm reminiscent of the irish "Jig". This version omits a bass line to complement a full band backing instrumentation, and as such may not stand as well on its own as its "WithBass" counterpart. Instead it has a slightly more layered tone configuration to enrich the soundscape.
Designated a and b substyles included, as well as endings for each===Over an HOUR of playing data, in uncompressed .wav files for approx. 400 Mb in size!

Tempo range ca. 1!0 - 140, possibly faster, but slower is not recommended.

A couple of demos for your pleasure:

DEMO 1: A lively jig band with bundles of complex chords.
DEMO 2: A simplistic country swing band, with the accordion replacing the piano, adding some "cajun" feel to the style.

Both sets can be easily obtained* for a single buck each, or $1.50 for both. Those who already have the first set can thus get this one for just 50 cents! cool

*Via Paypal, PM me for details
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