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#438661 - 11/18/17 10:05 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: Load a style by double clicking on it [Re: Mackraken]
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Originally Posted By: Mackraken
The suggestion to add an option to change the behaviour was proposed and seems reasonable. I dont quite understand why would you rather like to hear anything different to pick a style for your song but i guess many people is used to.

I'll give you just one example of many... If I am using the StylePicker to search a particular musician who strums a great sounding acoustic guitar and a search for him produces 40-50 styles, I don't want to try them all with the chords of my song... I want to quickly audition them to find the rhythmic style that is closest to what I was envisioning.

And that goes for most things. If I load up all of my Bossa Nova favorites, for example, my goal is not to first try them all out with the chords of my song. My goal is to first quickly audition each of them to determine which one I imagine is best going to suit what I am looking for. Which style has elements that I really like... maybe great sound drums or a particularly alluring piano sound.

And that's the skill which maybe you need to try to develop... try to translate in your head what a particular style is going to sound like in your song. Of course it might not end up being what you imagine, but most of the time, if you are paying attention to the instruments in the style demo, you can envision what it may sound like in your song--at least enough to rule out the styles that are not worth loading up, and to determine which ones you like best and should try loading first.

Originally Posted By: Mackraken
But this workflow you mention, although legit, makes harder to find a style for people who rather like to know how their songs sounds instead an unrelated one.

The reason being that an awful demo melody could be using a suitable style for your song does not help at all to make a decision.

It's difficult to wrap my mind around the idea that you can't see the benefit of using the song demos to narrow down your choices and save you a tonne of time. The ultimate objective is to make the right decision that best suits the objective in your mind. So the short term objective when you open up the StylePicker is to use the song demos to help you quickly identify the style that you will want to try with your song.
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#438912 - 11/20/17 04:58 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: Load a style by double clicking on it [Re: Mackraken]
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Hi Charlie, thanks for being understandable with the situation. In software ergonomics it has to be studied the amount of interaction needed to carry an action, the less the better of course. In Bib is not easy since has this large amount of features and so many use cases. A hint to make the right choice is to identify the common processes and optimize them whenever is posible.

Like Zedd and you mentioned before, its nice to find useful to hear the styles when you dont even have a song in place, but once you do, the styler picker is not so friendly since its designed to play predefined demos instead the one it should care about. From this point of view this behaviour improvable and i bet there would be a way that could satisfy both sides. Either by introducing an option or to rethink this style picker to find the easiest and quickest way, the one that requires less interaction, to find a style for the song you already have.

#439006 - 11/20/17 04:24 PM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: Load a style by double clicking on it [Re: Mackraken]
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No problem. At the end of every Stylepicker search, it's all about finding that one right style for the project. Stylepicker gives us many roads to arrive at the same destination.

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#442211 - 12/02/17 06:31 PM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: Load a style by double clicking on it [Re: Mackraken]
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I just always double-click expecting to 'select and close' out of habit from...well, just about any other program I ever tried or had, on any computer I ever tried or had!

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#442754 - 12/05/17 08:34 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: Load a style by double clicking on it [Re: Mackraken]
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Hi Icelander, thats what i thought it would happen the first time i used the style picker. As computer users, we are use to double click anything to carry the default action (open a folder, open a file, etc) but with the style picker we dont pick/select/load the style but play an unrelated song instead, which was odd enough since what i wanted was to play or just load the style with the song that i had.

To respect other users point of view, the behaviour could be improved in this way:

Create a single "preview style" checkbox. This would be located at the style picker window or bib preferences.

- On double click a style:

- If "preview style" is on:
- If the chord sheet is empty or less than 2 chords. Play the predefined demo song.
- If theres a chord sheet already written in bib. Play the 4 first bars with the same tempo, not a custom one.

- If "preview style" is off.
- Just load the style into bib.

This way, it wont only satisfy everyone but it would allow to clean up the interface, maybe removing the two "song players" into a single one and such.

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