Hey guys,

I was so excited about the new integrated ACW in BiaB 2018, as that is one of the main things I use with the program (creating backing tracks for covers and the like). The problem is everytime I try to complete an analysis, the program simply stops responding and I get that turning blue circle thing. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Hey all,

I figured it out, but will leave the post up nonetheless in case anyone else encounters the issue.

Basically, I noted that while the program appeared to freeze, due to the dreaded Windows 10 rotating blue circle, it was still possible to navigate in the program, and did not turn pale with the "program is not responding" message.

Then what I did is click on the "Analyze" button to the right of the "Auto Marking," and "Auto Analysis," buttons, both of which were already checked, and an "analyzing chords for bars 2-100" popped up. After approx 20 seconds the bar filled up. Then I simply clicked on the audio edit button to exit, and my chords were right there in the chord-sheet. :-)

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