I'm Sorry because my questions should have been already answered but it's still not very clear !

I purchased the complete Band-in-a-Box package in 2013 (with hard drive), and later, the UltraPAK Upgrade with RealBand 2016 and the PlusPAK Upgrade 2017.

Nevertheless, I'm a bit confused, because by installing the 2016 version (the 2016 BIAB program plus the additional tracks and not the entire sets) over the initial 2013 installation, , I have number of missing files and it's seems that caused some disorder in the file architecture.

(By lack of time, I didn't install yet the pluspack upgrade).

My questions are :

- If I purchase updates, is it necessary to download again all the real tracks (from the very fisrt one to the last) : It seems that all the real tracks are modified by the new programs (with improvement of time stretching / pitch shift algorithms) : So, if it is the case, do I have to cancel the former one ?

- Where I have to install the new program ? As recommanded, I installed the 2016 version in my initial 2013 bb folder, but as I mentionned, something is wrong !

- I have the Pluspak upgrade 2017, but if I want to upgrade to a 2018 version with the new real tracks, it seems that I cannot purchase the 2018 Pluspack upgrade ?? which versions can I pretend to ?

Which version do you recommend me for a clean installation over my former installation ? I see that the BB folder in the 2018 version has been redesigned, which would mean that I could starting from scratch with this new version ?

- Like the other years, will the special prices be extended to January 15 th ?

Thanks very much for your attention.

Best regards.