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i somehow missed
We've added support to automatically transcribe an audio track. This means you can record your sax playing the melody, and then choose ‘transcribe' to see the performance on the melody track, in notation. This works for single note instruments like sax, or guitar playing single notes (you can't play polyphonic chords)

In the StylePicker, I'd like to be able to change the instruments,
You can change them by pressing the change button and you then can choose from other RealTracks or RealDrums that will work with the same feel and genre of the selected style. Or you can disable (remove) the instrument from the style.
A3. There's a "Save-As Style" button that lets you save the customized style with a new name, and it will show up in the StylePicker, so you can select it next time easily. For example, you could change a trio into a quartet by adding a guitar, or remove a piano from a trio to get a duo, and save that as a style.

various notation enchancements
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