So, many years ago, one of the frequent contributors to the Noteworthy Composer (a notation program) forum used to comment that "good tunes live many lives". Well, I would add that good chord progressions do also.

Several us were sitting in our United Methodist Sunday School class and as we usually do, we sang several songs before the lesson started (I led the music). One of the songs we did was from our hymnal, called "Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God". After doing it (and it's a song we've done many times), someone then commented that it really sounded like another song, but we just couldn't place it. We pondered it, and after awhile, we figured it out, and it turns out to be that the chord progression, and the similarity in the tune, also worked for the song "Puff, The Magic Dragon".

Well, I was just noodling on the song and all of a sudden I had a very Methodist-like epiphany that another song worked with it also. Anyway, here's the song for you to listen to, and you can see that it works equally well with the third song. The new song is the third time through the chord progression.

I just think things like this are very cool.


Seek The Magic Rainbox

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