I started using Truefire Lessons a short while ago.
I started with Frank Vignola's Jazz stuff. Besides being a great guitar player Frank is a good teacher- things that don't always go together.

I found something interesting and a little less common recently

Guitarist Jesus Hernandez has a course called "Buena Vista Cuban Guitar Guide" or something similar. Like the BV Club Social made famous by Ry Cooder & Friends (Compay Segundo,Ibrahim Ferrer, etc) it touches on a lot of the Cuban Son from way back when. The delicate stuff before all the blaring horns that brought us Salsa.
There's a lot of discussion on 3-2 and 2-3 Clave and some great insight for guitar players.

Hernandez plays a classical (nylon) using his fingernails. I am a "nashville" style picker in that I use a small pick and 2-3 fingers. I found little problem working through the material. Certainly any finger style guitar player would have no problem. Not sure how it would work for someone who is all pick.

Anyway, I purchased the class and can recommend it for those interested in that kind of music.


Note: Nobody gives me anything for writing this.
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