With Band-in-a-Box® 2018 for Windows, you can make a video of the Notation Window! With Version 2015 we'd added the feature to save your song as a video with the chord sheet... and now with the ability to save a video of the Notation Window it's even easier to share your songs with other users, and you can LEARN from the notation as you listen!

From the Help file:
To make a video of the Notation Window, press the [Save As] button and select Save as Video from the menu. In the Make Notation Video dialog, select a track at the upper left corner. (Note: The dialog title says "Make Chord Sheet Video" until you select a track.) You can also set the dimension (width/height) of the video, and select the number of frames per second and a specific codec. Press the [OK - Render Video] button to start rendering the video.

Note: A special use of this feature is to combine a video RealTracks with the corresponding notation in a single video. This creates an educational video, which shows the actual performance with notation/tab, playing over your chord progression! To do this, right-click on the Master button or one of the track buttons at the top of the main screen and select Render Video(s) from the menu.

If you've created a notation video with Band-in-a-Box, we'd love to see it!
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