Again, I'm in the mode of keeping my lyric chops going through my busy work time. Putting some more out if anyone would like to do the music, just give me credit for the lyrics. I'm putting out a couple to day as I know different subjects appeal to different people. So, interesting to hear others take on the musical compositions. You are welcome to edit or redo the arrangement as needed.

Title: Paper Chases Donna J Evans 1/18/2018

Verse 1
The love letters you sent
Roses on Valentine’s day
A Cinderella fairy tale
So special in every way

Love is a paper chase
Kisses wrapped in foil
Masks worn on faces
For paper chases
Cover paper chases

Verse 2
Now that you’ve left
I still bleed and burn
Stabbed I can attest
Pain etched in journals


Your conquests allure
But no medicine can cure
The side effects of you