Again, I'm in the mode of keeping my lyric chops going through my busy work time. Putting some more out if anyone would like to do the music, just give me credit for the lyrics. I'm putting out a couple to day as I know different subjects appeal to different people. So, interesting to hear others take on the musical compositions. You are welcome to edit or redo the arrangement as needed.

Title Dodged a Bullet with that One
DJE 1/27/18
Verse 1
I was at the landfill of heartbreak
On the brink makin’ a big mistake
She’d dumped me like a trash can
Replaced me with a new man
Folks said go and see the Preacher
He’s got a way of helpin’ people
I was cryin’ blue and seeing red
He said the best words I’ld ever heard

I know it’s hard to believe
When you’re down in misery
One day you’ll look back and see
And I think you’ll agree son
Dodged a bullet with that one

Verse 2
We started hanging out a lot
Listened to all the things he taught
Said you might have the hangman’s fate
But don’t just stand around and wait
One day late takin’ him to church dinner
Arrived with the rescue and defenders
He lay cold bleedin’ on the ground
Savin’ a kid from a gangster’s round


If I could talk to him to day
I know just what he’ld say
No coincidence you were late