This one is meant to be humorous and is an actual true story. Just happened to one of my friend's wife. Ha! Ha!

Again, I'm in the mode of keeping my lyric chops going through my busy work time. Putting some more out if anyone would like to do the music, just give me credit for the lyrics. I'm putting out a couple to day as I know different subjects appeal to different people. So, interesting to hear others take on the musical compositions. You are welcome to edit or redo the arrangement as needed.

Title Car Wash Blue DJE 1/28/18
Verse 1
Now my baby
I love her dearly
But there’s a few things
She don’t see clearly
She’s got the Lucy gene
Or maybe Calamity Jane

Drivin’ home her hot red car
Radio blaring like it’s on fire
Driver’s are wavin’ and honkin’
She thinkin’ she’s a rock star
Flapping in the wind in view
The thing she never knew
Soft cloth cleaning ribbons in
Car Wash Blue

Verse 2
She pulls in the garage
Unaware of the collateral
Can’t wait to tell me
Her sudden notoriety
I’m totally perplexed
Then I see the big mess


Bridge (Ad lib over instrumental bridge)
Guess I could decorate the garage
Honey, does blue go with our décor?

Somebody said the car wash is closed
Just waitin’ for the police to call

Wonderin' what she's gonna do next?
Bring home the gas pump nozzle
Or the vacuum cleaner hose
Lord only knows!!


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