If you are on the “Don’tcracklists” email list then you already have this email so ignore and sorry for making you look.

Too many “sales” at Don'tcracklists (most are AIR products) so I’ll just link ‘em - you are all adults so I assume you all can all do your own homework and make your own make decisions plus you con dig them all out yourself by simply looking around there.

The only plugin/piece of software I will “hype,” is AKAI VIP 3.1, if you haven’t tried it, or don’t already have it, it is worth a REAL look. It does have a 15 day demo.

VIP integrates ALL VSTi’s and VST’s and works with all controllers. However, it DOES require the free software version of PACE/iLok (but no dongles needed). Besides its other obvious uses, I view it almost as a master librarian for plugs-ins, like you would have for an external synth – but for your plugs.

Hard to explain worth you time to look at it has a has demo and some vids on Youboob if you look around. The Plus version, has some really good AIR synths like Vacuum Pro and Hybrid.

I got VIP 2 (since updated to 3.1) last year with my Alesis VX49 which itself was a steal on a “Stupid Deal of The Day” at Musicians Friend. I didn’t really need another mini/small or otherwise keyboard but it has fully pushed aside a Roland A49 (freebie with Integra 7) and iRig Keys Pro because it’s a much better controller, but the AKAI VIP integrates with all controllers (so they claim) its $70


or the “standard” for $50 if you don’t want ANY of the AIR synths/plugs – just VIP.


AIR’s DB-33 (a good B3) for $29 (funny both DB-33 and Velvet [an EP], just went OFF sale for around $10!) ,

Also a few Sonivox offerings (also needs free PACE/ilok installed) each for $19:

Orchestral Companion – Woodwinds, Orchestral Companion – Strings, Orchestral Companion – Brass, and Big Bang Cinematic Percussion (respectively) .





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