Hi PGM, So grateful for the software. It's allowed me to create something wonderful from nothing! I'd like to respectfully make a few suggestions/requests.

For one, full upgrades are so expensive. That's OK, you guys work hard on the software. What I'd like to see however, is being able to upgrade/add only the genre(s) users are interested in. At this time, I'm only interested in small combo Jazz. I need lots more!

While drummers like Lewis Nash and Dan Gottlieb, and bassists like Ron Carter and Neil Swainson can take me very far, I'm already reaching a point where fabulous polyphonic players like Mike LeDonne, Miles Black, Steve Nelson, and Mike Moreno are stepping on their own toes. There just aren't enough licks, particularity solos, by these amazing guys, to keep me going much longer. I need more sessions of great licks by these guys. I do know how to mix it up with MultiRiffs, but it's not enough to sustain my ideas for the long haul. Offer a bonus pack of just Mike Moreno solos and grooves, just a pack of Mike LeDonne, etc.

Thanks for listening!
Best, Warren

Warren A. Keller- Woodwindist, Writer, Singer

"I have my ship and all her flags are a-flyin'
She is all that I have left and music is her name"