A full list of the styles included in Xtra Styles PAK 5!
(click on the style name to hear the demo)


_2NDTRY (Second Try Harmonica Ctry Waltz)
_BIGBULL (Big Bull Country Train with Oohs)
_BIGTORO (Big Toro Ctry Train Oohs w Solo)
_BLINDED (Blinded Harmonica 12-8 Bluegrass)
_BOILER (Boiler Runaway Train PS Solo)
_BRAZEN (Brazen Pedal Steel Country Swing)
_CHOPPER (Chopper Fingerstyle Rockabilly)
_CLOSEST (Closest 12-8 Americana with Solo)
_CONCORD (Concord Fast Country Folk)
_DTHVLY+ (Death Vly Train-Beat MultiStyle)
_DTHVLY1 (Death Valley Train-Beat Rhythm)
_DTHVLY2 (Death Valley Train-Beat Refrain)
_DTHVLY3 (Death Valley Train-Beat w Solo)
_EARLYHR (Early Hour Americana PS Ballad)
_EMBERS (Embers Harmonica Campfire Folk)
_EMINENT (Eminent Americana Country Solo)
_FOOLED (Fooled Bluegrass Choir Ballad)
_FURNACE (Furnace Runaway Train Rhythm)
_HANKER (Hanker Fretless Bass Ctry w Solo)
_HIRIDGE (High Ridge Ukulele Country Folk)
_LATEHR (Late Hour Americana Horn Ballad)
_LOWROAD (Low Road Country Folk Swing Solo)
_MERCY+ (Mercy Country Boogie MultiStyle)
_MERCY1 (Mercy Country Boogie Rhythm)
_MERCY2 (Mercy Country Boogie Minimal)
_MERCY3 (Mercy Country Boogie Solo)
_MISGIVE (Misgive Slow Sw16 Country Folk)
_ONE_TON (One Ton Harmonica Country Rock)
_ONEMILE (One Mile 12-8 Americana Choir)
_OUTLAWS (Outlaws Harmonica Country Swing)
_PETUNIA (Petunia Harmonica 12-String Walz)
_PINING (Pining Fretless Bass Ctry Ballad)
_PROUDLY (Proudly Americana Country Folk)
_RAININ+ (Raining Americana Folk MultiStyle)
_RAININ1 (Raining Americana Folk Choir)
_RAININ2 (Raining Americana Folk Minimal)
_RAININ3 (Raining Americana Folk Fingerpick)
_SOULTRY (Soultry Pedal Steel Country Soul)
_THROTLE (Throttle Acoustic Rckabilly Solo)
_TRESTLE (Trestle Harmonica Ctry Folk 8ths)
_WETLAND (Wetland Americana Southern Rock)
_WILDONE (Wild One Westrn Rockabilly Swing)


_ADJUNCT (Adjunct Slow Smooth Fusion)
_ADRIFT (Adrift Light Gypsy Jazz Waltz)
_ALOFT (Aloft Lite Gpsy Jazz Guitar Solo)
_AMALGAM (Amalgam Fast Jazz Fusion Rhythm)
_ASHBURY (Ashbury San Fran Jazz Soul)
_AUGMENT (Augment Fusion with Trumpet Solo)
_BLENDED (Blended Sax Solo Soul and Smooth)
_BLUJAZZ (Fast Jazz Rhythm w Blues Guitar)
_BOMDIA+ (6-Substyle Medium Bossa MultiStyle)
_BOMDIA1 (Bom Dia Medium Bossa Rhythm)
_BOMDIA2 (Bom Dia Medium Bossa Refrain)
_BOMDIA3 (Bom Dia Medium Bossa with Horns)
_CHELSEA (Chelsea Fast Bop with Alto Sax)
_CRONGA+ (Crooner Jazz Conga MultiStyle)
_CRONGA1 (Cronga Simple Conga Crooner Jazz)
_CRONGA2 (Cronga Conga Groove Crooner Jazz)
_DEPART (Depart Dreamy Smooth Jazz)
_EASTVIL (East Village Faster Bebop Rhythm)
_FOGWALK (Fog Walk Modern Jazz and Funk)
_HAFNHAF (Half n Half Half-Time Jazz Swing)
_HASTY (Hasty Ultra-Fast Modern Bebop)
_HEADWAY (Headway Jazz Soul w Guitar Solo)
_HELIUM (Helium Western Jazz w Piano Solo)
_HYDROGN (Hydrogen Western Jazz Rhythm)
_JAZORK2 (Crooner Solo n Strings Orchestra)
_JUMP_HI (Jump High Gypsy Jazz Guitar Solo)
_JUMP_UP (Jump Up Gypsy Jazz w Bebop Bass)
_KICK_IT (Kick It Smooth Jazz Hip Hop)
_LEEWAY (Leeway Even-8 Modern Jazz Soul)
_LIVELY (Lively EZ Jazz Waltz w Sax Solo)
_LIVEOAK (Live Oak New Orleans Fusion)
_LOUNGE (Lounge Cool Jazz with Brushes)
_MIXTURE (Mixture Fast Fusion w Sax Solo)
_NOVUS (Novus Modern Tango Jazz)
_PLUSH (Plush Smooth Bossa w Sax Solo)
_SILKY (Silky Smooth Bossa with Vocals)
_SMOOTHY (Smoothie Soul and Smooth Ballad)
_SWEETNR (Sweetener Gtr Solo Half-Time Jazz)
_TREPID+ (Trepid Jazz Ballad MultiStyle)
_TREPID1 (Trepid Simple Symph Jazz Ballad)
_TREPID2 (Trepid Symphonic Jazz Ballad)
_ZEALOT (Zealot Jazz Soul Rhythm Section)
_ZIPPY (Zippy Easy Jazz Waltz)


_ACREAGE (Acreage Slow Americana w Fiddle)
_BERYL (Beryl Hip Hop Cuban Bolero)
_CENSURE (Censure Orchestral Folk Pop)
_CHEATED (Cheated Fingerstyle Folk Pop)
_CHROME (Chrome Vocal Retro Pop)
_COMBUST (Combust Light Disco Piano Solo)
_DARKEST (Darkest Res Solo Americana Pop)
_DESERTD (Deserted Fretless Bass Bossa Pop)
_ENTWINE (Entwine Modern Sw16 Blissful Pop)
_FLIGHTY (Flighty Light Funk Pop)
_FNKLITE (Light Disco Funk Groove)
_FURIOUS (Furious Classic Blues Rock)
_GLIDING (Gliding Choir and Strings RnB)
_HAVEN (Haven Vocal Oohs Soul Pop)
_HOWLER (Howler Resonator Rock Shuffle)
_INFERNO (Inferno Classic Even-8 Rock)
_LORIVER (Low River Delta Songwriter Swing)
_MEANEST (Meanest Minimal Rockabilly Swing)
_MILESIX (Mile Six Slow Even-16 Americana)
_MOSQITO (Mosquito Rootsy Swamp Rock)
_NEWLITE (New Light 12-8 Songwriter Gospel)
_OCEAN (Ocean Latin Dance Pop with Tres)
_ONETIME (One Time Minimal Dancehall)
_PARKWAY (Parkway 70s Soul Choir)
_ABSENT (Absent 12-8 Americana Slow Pop)
_REKLESS (Reckless Funky Blues Rock)
_RELAXED (Relaxed Acoustic Guitar Lite Pop)
_REMORSE (Remorse 12-8 Guitar and Organ)
_REPTILE (Reptile Held Hard Rock Ballad)
_REVNANT (Revenant Vocal Hip Hop)
_SCOWLER (Scowler Rockabilly w Sax Solo)
_SELEKT (Selekt Dancehall Synth Pop)
_SHELTER (Shelter Smooth Neo Soul Choir)
_SLITHER (Slither Held Hard Rock with Solo)
_SLOLANE (Slow Lane Acoustic Guitar Soul)
_SWAMPY (Swampy Rock w Resonator Guitar)
_TEXTURE (Textural Synth Rock Shuffle)
_THELION (The Lion Island Beat with Horns)
_UNUSUAL (Unusual Bright Acoustic Gtr Pop)
_UVLIGHT (UV Light Brooding Half-Time Pop)
_VIGILNT (Vigilant Blues Rock Guitar Solo)
_VIOLET (Violet 12-8 Blues Rock Dream)


ATTITUDE (Attitude All-MIDI Fast Pop Rock)
BALLROOM (Ballroom All-MIDI Jazz Waltz)
BOP_TRIO (Bop Trio All-MIDI Fast Jazz Trio)
BORRUM (Borrum MIDI Celtic Pop Waltz)
CABANA (Cabana MIDI Latin Relaxation)
CEOBHRAN (Ceobhran MIDI Celtic Air Ballad)
CTRYBLUE (Country Blues w Bent Note Piano)
DOWNWARD (Downward MIDI 80s Brit Post-Punk)
EZDOESIT (EZ Does It MIDI Organ Easy Jazz)
FIDELITY (Fidelity MIDI Pop Strings Ballad)
GPSYBOP1 (Gypsy Bop MIDI Fast Jazz Trio)
GPSYBOP2 (Gypsy Bop MIDI Fast Jazz Solo)
GUMBOPOP (Gumbo Pop MIDI New Orleans Pop)
HIGHNOON (High Noon MIDI LA Jazz Shuffle)
HORIZON (Horizon MIDI New Age Piano Pop)
HUMBLING (Humbling Slow MIDI Jazz Ballad)
JOYOUSLY (Joyously Double-Time MIDI Folk)
LKBORGNE (Lake Borgne New Orleans Shuffle)
LOFTJAM (Loft Jam All-MIDI Fast Cool Jazz)
LONESOME (Lonesome MIDI 12-8 Country Bal)
NEONGLOW (Neon Glow All-MIDI Organ Funk)
OLDWEST1 (Old West Classic Country Rhythm)
OLDWEST2 (Old West Classic Country Minimal)
OLDWEST3 (Old West Classic Country Solo)
PASSIVE (Passive Subdued 90s Alt Rock)
PRAINHA (Prainha Beach MIDI Choir Bossa)
RAINBOWS (Rainbows All-MIDI 70s Synth Pop)
REDGULLY (Red Gully All-MIDI Country Rock)
RENEGADE (Renegade MIDI Bent Note Country)
SHAMROCK (Shamrock All-MIDI Celtic Jig)
SIBERIA (Siberia MIDI Swing-16 Cool Jazz)
STAMPEDE (Stampede MIDI Country Boogie)
SYMPATHY (Sympathy Emotive MIDI Pop Ballad)
WEIGHTLS (Weightless MIDI Lo-Fi Hip Hop)
WESTWOOD (Westwood MIDI Cali Pop Jazz)

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