I try and avoid using RealBand because it is not a pleasant experience compared to the other Windows software I use daily. And when I do need to use it I am always disappointed at how it can become unresponsive during an operation such as loading or generating tracks. And the indicator that it is busy is often not working or not clear. My latest frustration was the cursor was spinning, which is good, but the program was so unresponsive that simply moving the cursor would not work. It would drag extremely slowly across the scree or move in huge jerks. I see this same jerkiness during simple tasks like scrolling!

This is such basic, Windows 101 stuff. Please fix the UI so that it works like a modern Windows program. If it is busy then maybe pop up a box so I know not to bother trying to do other things in the program. And never ever code in such a way that the cursor is not responsive.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I know you must be dealing with older Delphi code but this simple improvement would make RealBand a much better product.