If you don't own a midi keyboard, don't fret. Biab allows the use of your Pc's Keyboard to record notes into the melody or soloist track of Biab. The "Keyboard Wizard" allows you to record notes that coincide with the chord changes of your Biab song. Use an ASIO driver during the recording process to eliminate any "lag" between the pressing of your keyboard keys and the "capture" of those notes in Biab.

Once you have recorded a melody or part, simply select and add a Biab Harmony to the notes you have just recorded. Then convert the Harmony parts by writing them onto the melody or soloist track(s) permanently.

Switch back to MME driver during playback, so you don't get any huffs, puffs or farts during playback.

Using the Keyboard Wizard will SAVE you a lot of time, instead of having to go into the notation editing of Biab to adjust each note.

The keyboard wizard is also a great way to suss out a melody to original songs. The notes are played using whatever chord changes you have in your song. The notes are "contained" in the key/chord changes of your song.

Give it a try, it is a fantastic way to quickly add Organ/Strings/Piano parts to a song.