43. Can I export my song from Band-in-a-Box® to PowerTracks Pro Audio or another MIDI sequencer?

Yes you can. You can create a standard MIDI file from your song, which can be imported into any other program that can read standard MIDI files. Click the .MID button on the main screen of Band-in-a-Box®. This will give you the option to either save the file on disk (this could be anywhere on your hard drive, or a floppy disk.) or to the clipboard.

If you choose 'file on disk', this will bring up the standard Windows 'Save' dialog. Choose the location you want the MIDI file saved to and then hit the save button. Close Band-in-a-Box® and open PowerTracks. Go to the File | Open. Browse to the location you saved your file to. Select the file, then hit the 'Open' button.

If you choose to save your MIDI file to the Clipboard, click the Clipboard button, then close Band-in-a-Box®. Open PowerTracks. Use the File | Open from Clipboard command.

If you had recorded an audio track (for example, vocals) with your Band-in-a-Box® song, Band-in-a-Box® would have saved this recording as a wave file with the same name, and in the same folder, as your Band-in-a-Box® song. PowerTracks will offer to import the wave file if it finds this wave file in the same folder as your MIDI file (if you had 'saved the MIDI file to disk'). You can also import your wave file by using the File | Wave files | Import Wave file command in PowerTracks.

If your song has a RealDrums track, this will get saved as a wave file in the same folder that you save your MIDI file. There are options in the MIDI File Options dialog, that determine how the drum track is saved.

Alyssa - PG Music