49. Can I sync Band-in-a-Box® to an external MIDI source?

Band-in-a-Box® can only act as a 'master' by sending a simple 'song start' and 'song stop' message, and it also sends MIDI Timing Clock. It will send the sync info as long as 'Output sync/start info' is checked in Opt. | Preferences | MIDI Options. One other thing you can do is get Band-in-a-Box® to wait until it receives a MIDI note or pedal, or you press a key on your computer (qwerty) keyboard. This feature is found in Opt. | Preferences - 'Pause play until MIDI or key received'.

For additional MIDI sync features, you could open your Band-in-a-Box® file into RealBand (or PowerTracks Pro Audio), which is a dedicated MIDI sequencer. There is more information about those features in this FAQ topic.

Alyssa - PG Music