63. What is the difference between "chord step advance" and "note step advance"?

When you step-advance through your song using the Ins and Del keys on the number keypad, Band-in-a-Box® will highlight either a single note or a group of notes depending on how close together the notes are. This is the "chord step advance" feature. You can tell Band-in-a-Box® how close the notes have to be to each other to be considered a chord; this is done in the 'Other Notation Options' dialog. Open the Notation Window Options dialog and press [More...]. For example, a high value for 'Chord separation' will force Band-in-a-Box® to consider a widely spaced group of notes to be a single chord. This setting can also be used to clean up the notation and get it to display the way you want. You can step through individual notes as well by using the "note step advance" feature. This is done using Shift+Arrow keys.

Alyssa - PG Music