89. Can I use the Piano Roll Window to fade out all of the tracks in a song?

One way of doing this is to save your song as a MIDI file, import the file into a MIDI sequencer such as PowerTracks Pro Audio, and use the features in that program to enter dynamics

The Piano Roll Window in Band-in-a-Box® 2005 and higher now provides another way of adding dynamics from within Band-in-a-Box®. Here is what you can do if you want your song to fade out at the end. We will use a 50 bar song in our example, which you want to fade out starting at bar 40.

  1. Open the Piano Roll window and view the Melody track (you could use the Soloist track instead - it doesn't matter).
  2. Go to the Melody menu | Track type, and select 'Multichannel'.
  3. Find out what channels Band-in-a-Box® is using for this particular song. You can check this in Opt. | Preferences | Channels. For example, say your song uses the Bass, Piano, Drums, and Melody tracks. By default, Band-in-a-Box® assigns these to the following channels: Bass=2, Piano=3, Melody=4, and Drums=10.
  4. In the Piano Roll window, select 'Control' from the 'View/Edit' combo box. When you do this, the 'Controller Edit Type' combo box will appear. Choose '11 Expression MSB'.
  5. Select one of the channels you found in step 3 from the 'Chan' combo box.
  6. In the bottom pane of the Piano Roll window (the Graphic Event Editing area), draw a descending line starting at a value of 127 at bar 40, and ending at a value of 0 at bar 50.
  7. Reset the expression back to 127 at the end of your song with a single mouse click at the end of bar 50.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for each of the channels from step 3.
  9. Your song will now fade out from bar 40 to 50.

Alyssa - PG Music