90. When I open the program, I get error messages such as "Can't find STYLE ZZJAZZ.STY", "No Guitarists will be available. Can't find DEFAULT.GIT", and/or "I/O error 103".

There are important files missing from your Band-in-a-Box® folder. This usually occurs if you don't install a Band-in-a-Box® upgrade into your existing Band-in-a-Box® folder. To resolve this problem, first find out where you have your previous version installed. By default, Band-in-a-Box® is installed in the BB folder on your hard drive, although it's possible you installed it somewhere else, or moved/renamed the folder. Wherever you have the previous installed, you want to install the Band-in-a-Box® upgrade into that folder. If you are installing Band-in-a-Box® on a new computer, you will need to start with a full "Pro" version or MegaPAK, then install the upgrade(s) over that.

Alyssa - PG Music